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Last Updated: 2022-09-06 Current Version: 2.35.1
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I've been a veteran player of this game since 2018, and have loved it since the beginning. However, during an update a couple of months back, it began to crash on occasion. At first crashes were rare, but as more updates took place, the game began to crash more often. Now, with the current update to GudaGuda Yamataikoku event, the game is unplayable. It crashes in battles, menus, loading screens, transitions, cutscenes, support select & more. I can't do much of anything but get my login reward.


The game is really enjoyable. Story is good, controls are understandable and simple, very interesting battle system. I have some problems with the connection though. Even when I have a strong connection it seems like the game is having trouble connecting, and this doesn't always happen but is frequent enough for me to notice. White screens and the game saying the there was an error even when my internet connection is stable? There's definitely something wrong here


Currently there's a bug on Android phones that will consistently crash the game on startup or randomly in-game. Good luck playing for all Android users as they have not made fixing it a priority. Customer Support said it would be fixed by August with the migration to Unity 2018, but it's passed that. Never heard of a game company with a game breaking bug, and not fixing it with a month.

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Aniplex Inc is the developer of Fate Grand Order, and it is an RPG game where we have to eliminate human history. It is basically about fighting to save humanity, and we have to join in a mission in Grand Oder where the destruction happens that causes the breakdown of the space-time singularities. The game comes with the Fat Franchise storyline, where you will take the help of several eras to save humanity.
Play as a Command in a Battle Royale World
The game puts you into the role of a commander who becomes the master, and he is doing his best to defeat every enemy. And he does his best to find out why human history will disappear, and he has the help of the heroic spirits for this. As a player, you will have to form a team as per your own, and they have to be formed with the use of new and old heroic spirits.
Your journey to save humanity can now be advanced and optimized with the best features offered by LDPlayer 9 to Fate Grand Order.
Explore a Unique Story
Fate Grand Order comes with a unique story as its main plot, and there are so many missions to be fulfilled by the characters too. The story is kind of epic, and it has been enriched with more than 60 Japanese actors. Every battle is unique, making you want more to save the human world than ever with your all effort.


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