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Last Updated: 2021-03-19 Current Version: 1.2.0
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The story is quite good and charming thus far, and the gameplay isn't shabby either. I especially like the connect feature. However, there has been numerous times where I was booted back to the title screen, and I think we can use a subtitle when viewing magical girls dialogue in archieves. Other than that, I think it has been quite the pleasant experience.


I really really like the game so far. The mechanics are kind of easy to understand, the story isn't half bad, and the visuals are sooo pretty. My only problem with it, is that it gets random errors, which makes me have to restart the whole game from the intro(it does this multiple times). Also, there was a bug where the characters would turn into pitch black, blocky, minecraft silhouette looking things. I understand that the game is new (in english),so i believe and i hope that It will be fixed.


This is a fantastic gatcha game so far. Not super pay 2 win. However, there's a constant issue where sometimes upon trying to access stories, particularly the side quests, where you get sent back to the title sceen, which can repeat once to several times in a row. Also, i wish there were more options for magical girls. The current roster is extremely small and I'm not sure how long it'll take to get more

We regret to inform you that Magia Record - English will be ceasing all operations on 10/30 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Unfortunately, after that time the game will no longer be available to download or play.

We are incredibly thankful for all the support you have given Magia Record - English since its release in June of 2019. Without you, there would be no Magia Record.

We are preparing a version of Magia Record that includes Gallery Mode for release in mid-October.
This version will allow you to view a gallery of your Magical Girls once operations have ended.

About Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

Girls in the world of Magia Record can become Magical Girls, beings duty-bound to battle Witches for the rest of their lives, by making a contract and having one of their wishes granted.

Strange things have started happening in a burgeoning city called Kamihama. Magical Girls have begun gathering as though they were led by some mysterious force, and their endless battle continues to ensue there.

"Has Ui been erased from existence?"
Iroha Tamaki, a Magical Girl, is trying to
figure out what happened to her sister.

"If I can figure out what’s going on here, I might
be able to save Madoka…"
Homura Akemi, also a Magical Girl, is searching
for a way to save her most precious friend.

A new hope is born when their feelings intersect.

About the Gameplay
Create your own team of Magical Girls
and fight your way through the story!
Utilize Disks (Commands), Magical Formations,
Skills, and Magia (Special Attacks) to win even
the most difficult of Battles.
Adventure through three different types of
stories featuring over 30 unique Magical Girls!
1) Main Story
Follow Iroha as she hunts for her sister, Ui.
2) Another Story
Travel with Madoka and her friends through a different timeline.
3) Magical Girl Story
Learn more about each Magical Girl by
battling through their own unique story.

◆◇The Cast◇◆
Momo Asakura, Sora Amamiya, Shiina Natsukawa, Ayane Sakura, Yui Ogura,
Mikako Komatsu, Ayaka Ohashi, Aoi Yuki, Chiwa Saito,
Emiri Kato, and MANY MORE!
Opening Theme: Kakawari by TrySail

Your device will need to meet the system requirements listed below to play Magia Record.

* The listed system requirements do not necessarily guarantee operation.
* Please note that these system requirements may be changed without notice.


Magia Record is free to play, but there are some items available as in-game purchases that can help you in various ways.
All in-game purchases can be disabled in your device's [Settings] menu.
You must be 14 years of age or older to download or play Magia Record.

◇Supported Operating Systems

[Android OS] Android 4.4 or above (Excluding some devices)

◇Recommended Android devices

ASUS Nexus 7 flo
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 XL
HTC Android One X2
HTC Nexus 9
HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro
HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro
HUAWEI P20 lite
HUAWEI Qua tab 02
LG Electronics isai V30+
LG Electronics LG it
LG Electronics Nexus 5
LG Electronics nexus 5X
SAMSUNG Galaxy Active neo
SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 edge
SAMSUNG Galaxy S8+
SAMSUNG Nexus 10

* The application is not guaranteed to run on devices that do not satisfy these system requirements.
* Even if your device satisfies the above system requirements, there is a possibility that it may become unstable under certain conditions.
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