Fate Grand order Gudaguda Final Honnoji Tier List Change


Fate Grand order is a Japanese turn-based RPG game loved by millions of mobile game players worldwide. The tactics and strategies of this game are pretty different from other games. In this game, you will encounter Masters who command a group of people and Servants from mythological, historical, or literal contexts. The game is mainly divided into three canon chapters, where the players have to unlock and clear each level.


Fate Grand order Gudaguda Final Honnoji Tier List Change


The newest Fate Grand order, Nobunaga assault Gudaguda final Honnoji 2021, has introduced several new servants to the game. There are slight changes and advancements in the movements and placements of servants. Today, let's find in-depth details about this. So first, download Fate Grand Order on PC, and let’s dig into the details.


Basics of the Event


With the adjustments of the tier list and the event, the basics have been changed. According to the new tier list, you are eligible to obtain the following score points.


  • At the tier EX, you can obtain ten score points.
  • At the tier EX- you can obtain 9.67 score points.
  • At tier A+ you can obtain 9.33 score points.
  • At tier A you can obtain nine score points.
  • At tier A- you can obtain 8.67 score points.
  • At tier B+ you can obtain 8.33 score points.
  • At tier B, you can obtain eight score points.
  • At tier B- you can obtain 7.67 score points.
  • At tier C+ you can obtain 7.33 score points.
  • At tier C, you can obtain seven score points.
  • At tier C- you can obtain 6.67 score points.
  • At tier D+ you can obtain 6.33 score points.
  • At tier D, you can obtain six score points.
  • At tier D- you can obtain 5.67 score points.
  • At tier E+ you can obtain 5.33 score points.
  • At tier E, you can obtain five score points.
  • At tier E- you can obtain 4.67 score points.


The developers have decided to have EX-, A+, B+, C+, and D+ in addition to standard EX, A, B, C, D, and E. Then, they have decided to round off the average score to the closest score to get the tier levels. After the rounding off, the average skill would come to the next closest tier.


  • If the closest score is 10, your final tier will be EX.
  • If the closest score is 9.67, your final tier will be EX-.
  • If the closest score is 9.33, your final tier will be A.
  • If the closest score is 9, your final tier will be A.
  • If the closest score is 8.33, your final tier will be B+.
  • If the closest score is 8, your final tier will be B.
  • If the closest score is 7.33, your final tier will be C+.
  • If the closest score is 7, your final tier will be C.
  • If the closest score is 6.33, your final tier will be D+.
  • If the closest score is 6, your final tier will be D.
  • If the closest score is 5, your final tier will be E.


New Replacements of the Tier


After the adjustments, you will encounter several replacements of characters in three main tiers.


5-star servants


In tier D, you will find the Demon King Nobunaga, who is also known as Oda Nobunaga. She is an AoE buster avenger who has three buster decks and significantly focuses on offensive skills. She is one of the best first-class servants who can change the burning field attributes, and she can help other servants get bonuses in the burning field. Her star per turn, 20% NP charge and self ATK buff enhance the stronger after the third turn.


Invincibility is her defensive skill. It can 100% remove the buff resistance and avoid the biff removal before it harms the NP effects. Oda Nobunaga's AoE buster can cause bonus damages to Divine enemies. But, when her ATK is at the pinnacle, she will encounter a short competition and more minor advantages from the class. 


After the upgrade, she has bonus attacks on the Heaven attribute enemies. With the launch of Nobukatsu, the performances of King Nobunaga has drastically improved.


4-star servants


In Tier A, you will encounter Nagao Kagetora. She is one of the first welfare ST art lancers descending from a practical and direct kit, and she can make one turn self-arts, star gather buffs, critical damage, and party ATK. This four-star servant possesses an in-built NP gain with one turn evade. As a welfare servant, she has easy access to NP5, enhancing her ability to do special damages.


After an NP, she can efficiently complete her NP gauge with star gather buff, self-art, and NP gain buff. With the help of the NPAA chain, she can land with critical hits. As Nagao Kagetora is an offensive archer boss player, she is an exceptional servant with good performance.


Updated Full Tier List can be viewed from here.


3-star servants


In Tier C, you will encounter Mori Nagayoshi with a special kit and ST buster Berserker.  He has special self- sacrificial equipment that enables her to perform critically with higher Gather rates buffs. Although his 100% debuff resistance makes him miss all the buffs in the next three turns, it will increase his ATK and decrease DEF in three turns.


Mori Nagayoshi's NP consists of both Ignore invincibility and Ignore DEF effects when he applies DEF down after three turns. At the same time, the star weight can be a problem for his critical performance. Apart from that, he needs more reliable support for the version as he is the naturally delicate character without the survival options.  So, he will not be the first choice as a Berserker damage creator, although he has the effective team playing abilities.


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Fate Grand order Gudaguda Final Honnoji Tier List Change




The game Fate Grand order has introduced the newest event as Gudaguda final Honnoji 2021. And there are many tier level and score updates which is more exciting. Apart from that, there are several character introductions in different Tiers. So, you all can take part in this latest event and enjoy the game.

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