Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide


The annual Fate/Grand Order Gudaguda Event have come once again this year with its 5th iteration of the event - GUDAGUDA The Grand Country Yamataikoku 2022 and long with it comes the 2 brand new limited timed available servants - the 4* Saber Saito Hajime and the 5* Ruler Himeko. In addition, some old GUDAGUDA specific servants will also be rated up in order for players to get them in this special event.




In this guide, we will go over the details of the GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku Event, show players how they can get the most amount of rewards in the fastest way possible and debate on whether players should roll on the rated up GUDAGUDA servants, including the 2 newly introduced servants - Saito Hajime and Himeko.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out.



The Gudaguda Yamataikoku Event can be divided into 4 major parts : The main story of the event, The Construction Mechanics, The Event Raids and the Event Shop

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Event Main Story

During the Event period, in the first week, special main story quests will be unlocked daily, allowing players to play through the event story and obtain valuable materials such as Saint Quarts, EXP and CE EXP. In addition, all players are required to clear the event quests of the day in order to advance to the next day’s main story quest. Therefore, players should login and play the daily main story quest in order to keep up with the event

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

The Construction Mechanics

After clearing specific main story quests, special farming quests will be available for players to obtain event currencies. These Event Currencies can then be used on special construction quests that construct buildings to advance the main story. These Buildings also provide players with Character Upgrading Materials and EXPs overtime, making it extremely crucial that players upgrade these buildings to their fullest potential.


Raid Quests

After the 1st week of the Event, players who have cleared the main story quests up to a certain stage will be able to enter special Raid Quests available for a limited time only. 

During these raid quests, all players of the server will be faced with 6 different big boss stages with varying mechanics with the goal of destroying these bosses. Killing these Raid Quest stages will reward players with a large amount of Event Currencies and Qps, making it extremely crucial that players farm these stages as much as possible.


These Raid Quests will only be available until the amount of Boss Monsters defeated by the entire server reaches a certain point, so players should absolutely be quick to kill as many boss monsters as they possibly can during this period.


Event Shop

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Like other Events, The Gudaguda event shop is available for all players to exchange the Event Currencies for various rewards. Notable of these rewards are the Event Exclusive CE, EXP and Character Upgrading Materials. Players should prioritize the Event Exclusive CE above all else when exchanging their currencies.


GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku Rate Up Banners - Should You Roll

Available during the event period are 2 separate Gudaguda Banners with 4 GUDAGUDA Event Exclusive Servants - 5 Stars Okita Souji (Saber), 5 Stars Hijikata (Berserker), 4 Stars Saito Hajime (Saber) and 5 Stars Himeko (Ruler).

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Okita Souji (Saber)

A Boss Killer Quick Single Target 5* Saber-class Servant, Okita Souji is an extremely powerful Saber with the ability to instantly one shot any boss that stands in her way with the right amount of support provided to her.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Okita Souji’s kit revolves around her ability to instantly burst an enemy down with her 1st skill providing an impressive 50% Quick up to herself for 1 turn, allowing her to deal massive amounts of NP damage. In addition, her 2nd and 3rd skill also boosts her attacking capability by increasing her attack with every card that she uses and increasing her crit damage output by up to 50%.


In an ideal turn, Okita can easily deal 200% Quick Critical and NP damage to a single enemy, making her extremely powerful and a good choice against Raid Quests or Boss Fights.


Hijikata Toshiro (Berserker)

A 5* Single Target Buster Berserker-class Servant, Hijikata’s power revolves around players’ ability to manage his HP in order to unleash his most powerful blows and NPs.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Hijikata’s strong point is his NP that uniquely scales with his lost HP, meaning the lower his Hp is, the more powerful his NP becomes. This fact, coupled with his massive 30% Buster up for himself and his 1 HP Gut skill, make it so that players can get him to 1 HP and then use his NP to deal massive amounts to the enemy.


Another one of Hijikata’s strong points but also his weakness is his Berserker class. His class allows him to deal effective damage against almost all other classes in the game but also hinders him as he takes extra damage from all other classes. This can be an annoyance for players trying to keep him alive for his maximum damage output.


Saito Hajime (Saber)

The much anticipated and much beloved Husbando, Saito Hajime is an excellent ST Arts Saber with the ability to deal massive crit damage. His kit revolves around him absorbing the team’s stars and deal arts crits using his crit buffing skills. However, his limited availability and lower rarity make it so that his damage output is not as high as other ST sabers. Despite this, he still remains one of the best ST Arts NP Sabers in the game even in the JP Server 2 years later.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

Himeko (Ruler)

Himeko is a buffer type Buster NP Ruler-class Servant that specializes in providing the entire team with massive buster crit buffs and NP overcharge level. Himeko’s entire kit revolves around buffing a single ally’s buster crit damage output, allowing the servant to deal massive amounts of damage using their face cards and finishing bosses quickly and effectively.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

In addition, Himeko’s strong point lies in her NP which grants all allies Buster up , NP Overcharge level and Crit damage up buff, making all allies’ NP and Crit damage better. 

Should You Roll?

The Answer is a big NO. Despite the Gudaguda servants’ flexibility and boss killing potential, the fact of the matter is that you can always borrow these servants from your friend list in order to use them for more challenging contents, rolling for them won’t be beneficial for you as a player if you already have a dedicated boss-killer servant.


That being said, if you don’t have a boss-killer type servant or if you really like these servants’ designs and aesthetics, then you should roll for them as they will function extremely well as good servants in the game.


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