Fate/Grand Order Imaginary Scramble Event Guide


With the spooky season coming and Halloween fast approaching, Fate/Grand Order is holding one of its most important and horror-filled events to date. Joining us this spooky season is a surprisingly summer-themed event with a lot of Eldritch horror and swimsuit servants in addition to Foreigners. In addition, many special banners will be available for all players to roll on, featuring special Foreigner class servants and Swimsuit Servants - the 5* Foreigner Yang Guifei, The 4* Foreigner Mysterious Heroine XX, 4*  Minamoto-no-Raikou and the 4* Saber Frankenstein.


In this guide, we will go over the pre-release campaign for the Imaginary Scramble Event and advises players on how they could best prepare for this horrific event in addition to debate on whether or not players should roll on the pre-release campaign special rate up banner - featuring the 5* Limited Foreigner Servant - Yang Guifei.




Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC together and find out.

Fate/Grand Order Imaginary Scramble Pre-Release Celebration

To celebrate the release of Imaginary Scramble, special pre-release celebration campaigns will be available for all players to partake in, including special log-in rewards, half AP for Strengthening and Interlude Quests and Special EXP Enhancement Campaign.


Imaginary Scramble Log-in Event

During the Event Duration, when players log into the game, they will be rewarded with bronze, silver, and golden apples for 9 days straight for a total of 6 apples for each type.

These apples serve as AP regen items in Fate/Grand Order and allow players to farm even more in the event, so players should absolutely login and receive all the apples they can get to help with farming in the event.


The login campaign is not consecutive so as long as players log in a total of 9 days within the event period, they will be rewarded accordingly. In addition, players will need to have completed the first Singularity aka Fuyuki.


Special Half and 1/4 Story AP Campaign

For a limited time only during the event period, all Main story up to Part 2 Chapter 5 - Atlantis will be reduced to 1/4 of the usual AP cost in order for all players to catch up to the event’s requirement and enjoy the event to its fullest.

Players should absolutely take advantage of this and advance in the story to the point that they can join the event. In order to partake in the Imaginary Scramble special event, players need to have cleared Part 2 Chapter 1 - Anastasia and the requirement for all players to avoid spoilers is to have cleared Part 2 Chapter 4 - Yuvakshetra, players should absolutely attempt to finish the story up until Part 2 Chapter 4 for the best event experience.


In addition, Free Quests within these main story chapters will also be halved off, allowing players to clear the free quests for the first time to get saint quartz.

Special Limited Timed Master Missions

In addition to the main story AP cost reduction campaign, players who have cleared specific Main story chapters will be rewarded with special rewards from limited time Master Missions.

Players will be rewarded a total of 15 Atk and Def Fous each for clearing Part 2 Chapter 1, 2 and 3. If players have cleared Part 2 Chapter 4 of the main story, they will be rewarded with 10 saint quartz.


Special Rank Up Quests

Special Rank up Quests for 3 Servants will be added to the game, enhancing their combat capability and helps players who have them gain more power and ease of use when using the 3 servants: the 5* Foreigner Yang Guifei, the 5* Foreigner Abigail Williams and the 4* Foreigner MHXX.

In addition, clearing these strengthening quests will reward players with 2 saint quartz each, so players who have all 3 of these servants will be able to upgrade their skills and gain saint quartz at the same time.

Special Rate Up Banner - Should You Pull

In addition to the celebration campaigns, a special rate up banner will also be available for all players to attempt to roll for. This special banner features all LIMITED-timed available servants, including the 5* Foreigner Yang Guifei, the 4* Saber Frankenstein, the 4* Lancer Minamoto-no-Raikou and the 4* Foreigner Mysterious Heroine XX.

Yang Guifei

Yang Guifei is a 5* Foreigner-classed servant that specializes in defensive buffs and inflicting the burn debuff on the enemies when they hit her with attacks, in addition to dealing massive amounts of damage against burnt enemies.


Yang Guifei’s kit revolves around her unique buff to increase her defense to up to 100% def for 1 turn and inflict the burn debuffs on all enemies who attack her while she has the debuff. This special buff and her kit help increase her defensive capability to a point that enemies can’t damage her while she herself can burn the enemies. 

Yang Guifei Noble Phantasm is a single target Arts type Noble Phantasm that deals massive to enemy and will deal massive extra damage against enemies with debuffs, making it an extremely powerful Noble Phantasm fit for boss killing.


Yang Guifei’s kit and class make her one of the few servants in the game able to solo some hard boss battle against berserker class bosses, making her extremely valuable to have.


Summer Frankenstein

Summer Frankenstein is a 4* Saber that deals massive amounts of Quick damage using her Single Target Noble Phantasm with the ability to stun all enemies when attacking with her Noble Phantasm.

Frankenstein is a really difficult servant to use for most players and her kit is riddled with debuffs that are self-inflicting, making her even harder to use. Players should be careful of Frankenstein's ability to remove her own buff using her 2nd skill, aside from that, she is a saber servant that can help with the team’s damage output. However, against bosses, Frankenstein performs significantly worse than all other ST servants in the game.


Summer Minamoto-no-Raikou

Summer Minamoto-no-Raikou is a 4* Lancer servant that specializes in dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies with divine traits with her single target Buster Noble Phantasm.

Summer Raikou's entire skill kit enhances her ability to deal critical and NP damage with her buster cards. Her skill 1 increases critical damage by a whopping 100%, coupled with her buster up from 2nd skill and Raikou will deal big damage with her Buster Face cards and her NP. In addition, Raikou’s NP damage completely ignores the enemy’s defense, making it extremely powerful when dealing with enemies that rely on defense.


Should You Roll

No. Players should not be baited with this banner even if it have 4 special limited rate up servants due to the fact that the banner after this features one of the best servants in the game - the 5* Foreigner Van Gogh. Therefore, players should focus on saving resources to get the new servant rather than rolling on this banner.


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