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Last Updated: 2022-09-28 Current Version: 2.35.1
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News and Guides for Fate/Grand Order (English)

Fate/Grand Order Imaginary Scramble Event Guide

This article will inform players about the details of Fate/Grand Order newest event Imaginary Scrambles and advises players on what they can do to get the most rewards out of the event

Fate Grand Order Tier List - The Best Heroes to Choose October 2022

Fate Grand Order tier list has been made of many heroes, and the ones that do the best for the game will be tier SS and tier S.

Fate Grand Order Lostbelt 4 with Changing Tier List

Fate Grand Order is introducing new heroes for its Lostbelt Chapter 4, and some of them will have upgrades for the game.

Fate Grand order Gudaguda Final Honnoji Tier List Change

Fate Grand Order, Nobunaga assault Gudaguda final Honnoji 2021 has introduced several new servants to the game's tier list.

Fate/Grand Order Christmas Rerun Event Guide

This guide aims to explain the details of Fate/Grand Order upcoming rerun event and advises players on how they can prepare and get the most amount of rewards from the event.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event Guide

This guide aims to explain the details and guide players through Fate/Grand Order 5th Gudaguda Event and debate on whether they should roll on the limited banner.

Fate/Grand Order Back to School Campaign Guide

This Guide aims to explain and guide players on Fate/Grand Order Special Back to School Campaign and the special rate up banners that comes together with it.

Fate/Grand Order Ooku Rerun and 18Mil Downloads Campaign Guide

This guide aims to help players through the confusing Ooku Rerun and show players how much rewards they can get from the 18Mil Download Campaign in Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order Summer Event Guide - Should You Roll

This guide aims to explain the confusing mechanics of Fate/Grand Order 5th Summer Event and advises players on whether or not to roll on the summer Banners.

Fate/Grand Order 5th Anniversary GSSR Guide

This guide aims to explain the GSSR system for Fate/Grand Order's 5th anniversary and advises players on which banner to roll on for the GSSR.