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Fate/Grand Order (English)

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News and Guides for Fate/Grand Order (English)
Fate Grand Order | Revival Event Servant Summer Festival Lite
Fate Grand Order's event, Revival Event Servant Summer Festival Lite as a rerun of the original event in 2020, will release on 12-07-2021 with many rewards.
Fate Grand Order - Full Guide for Gameplay
Fate Grand Order gameplay is bounded with servants as well as the game strategies. It always grows with the right tactics only.
Fate Grand Order Melusine the 5 Star Lancer Review
The servant, Melusine in Fate Grand order, is unusual in the game to switch to AoE Buster from ST Arts. She needs some materials for ascension and skill enhancement to perform her skills.
Fate Grand Order Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021
Fate Grand Order is consisting of different characters who are coming under several classes. They all are not good for the team battle as some of them hold the worst qualities.
Fate Grand Order Lostbelt 4 with Changing Tier List
Fate Grand Order is introducing new heroes for its Lostbelt Chapter 4, and some of them will have upgrades for the game.
Fate Grand Order | Rabbit Overview: Morgan the 5 Star Berserker
Fate Grand Order's character of Morgan has exciting skills. She has more utility with some disadvantage’s as well.
Fate Grand Order | 4 Star Archer Baobhan Sith Review
BaobhanSith in Fate Grand Order is a good servant who supports you to complete your mission successfully.
Fate Grand Order | Gudaguda Final Honnoji 2021 – June
Gudaguda Final Honnoji is a rerunning event of Fate Grand Order, and it is not confirmed yet to happen.
Fate Grand Order | Nagao Kagetora in Depth Review
In Fate Grand Order, Nagao Kagetora is a free servant who is essential with her skills, but she possesses few character flaws also.
Fate Grand Order | Ultimate Guide for Mori Nagayoshi
Fate Grand Order has introduced the character of Nayagoshi with exciting skills and talents to make the game more adventurous.