This tutorial will teach you step by step on how to install applications on LDPlayer with their XAPK files. There are two methods of installing an app on your emulator with it's xapk file from your PC.


They Are:



Installation Through the Drag and Drop Method

1. First, download the xapk file on your PC.


2. Now, navigate to the Windows location where the xapk file has been downloaded.

Install XAPK on LDPlayer


3. Directly drag and drop the xapk file into LDPlayer. LDPlayer will automatically finish the installation of the xapk file.

Install XAPK File on LDPlayer



Note 1: The type of XAPK zip that contains multiple APK files in it, cannot be installed by dragging it into LDPlayer.


Note 2: If the size of XAPK file is bigger than 2GB, it cannot be installed on LDPlayer 4 using the drag&drop method.


If you would like to install these two types of XAPK files, you have to use the method 2 below.


Installation Through LD Store's XAPK Management

1. Open LDPlayer >>> Operate Shared folder feature on the right toolbar >>> Click PC Shared Folder.

How to install XAPK on LDPlayer

How to install XAPK on LDPlayer


2. Move your XAPK file into the opening Pictures folder.

How to install XAPK on LDPlayer


3. Open LD Store >>> Click in the top right corner >>> Enter APK/XAPK management.

How to install XAPK on LDPlayerHow to install XAPK on LDPlayer

How to install XAPK on LDPlayer


You will find the XAPK there and just click Install to proceed the installation.


If the above two methods cannot solve your concern, it might be the problem of the XAPK file you download. Please also make sure you download the xapk file from a reliable source. Thank you for using LDPlayer and enjoy your emulator gaming on PC!