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How to install XAPK on LDPlayer

Last Updated:  2018-08-22

XAPK is a brand new file format standard for Android APK package file. Contains all APK package and obb cache asset file to keep Android games or apps working, it always ends in ".xapk". 

This tutorial will teach you how you install XAPK file on LDPlayer step by step.


Method 1 (Only available for the version 3.63 or above)

Directly drag the XAPK file into LDPlayer. LDPlayer will automatically parse and install it.


Method 2

Please note that this method only applies to between the version 3.31 and 3.60. 

1. Directly drag the XAPK file into LDPlayer.  After that, you will enter the folder Pictures of LDPlayer. Then press F1 to go back to the home page of LDPlayer. 

2. Open LDStore to install XAPK. Click ME and then click APK/XAPK management, and you will find the XAPK that you just moved. Just click INSTALL to install that game or App. After you click INSTALL, LDPlayer will parse the XAPK and the parsing process will last for some time because XAPK is with OBB file. So please patiently wait for it.

How to install XAPK on LDPlayer

How to install XAPK on LDPlayer

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