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Last Updated: 2022-07-08
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You can enjoy Disney Twisted-Wonderland, a gacha game made by Aniplex Inc., with English subtitles and authentic Japanese voices. In this enchanting journey with rhythm games and RPG-style fights, characters modeled by Disney villains concoct evil playground conspiracies.


A School For Villains

The game world is set in an academy for villains. A magical mirror transports the player to another realm, where he enrolls at Night Ravens, a magical training school. 

The player is chosen and taken in by the school's superintendent, who then has to connect with the school's top pupils, who are housed in seven distinct dorms While seeking a route home.

Would you manage to collaborate with the pupils and escape? And what secrets do these pupils' evil hearts hold? Play Disney Twisted-Wonderland with LDPlayer for the most outstanding and effortless gameplay experience.



History of Magic, Flighting, and Alchemy will be taught to you by Night Raven College students. As you go through your studies, you will be able to access more of the tale, separated into three sections

The first section is progressing through the game's narrative, in Twistunes you have to play a rhythm game where you tap according to the music and the last section is playing battles in which characters engage in spell-casting combat.

The gameplay has three elements called Lessons, Stories, and Tests. The game contains a system where you can use Magic Gems to buy new characters to play with. To level the characters, the players must attend classes (lessons) and obtain skills; players must complete tests or exams held daily or periodically. 

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