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Last Updated: 2022-11-16 Current Version: 1.36.120365
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Greatest gacha story I've experienced yet, actually want to see more and more of it and the really fun characters. It's very easy to grow a liking to any of them, especially since they all have their own mini stories you can unlock. Farming is super easy as well; you only have to fully clear a stage once before you are able to instantly complete it again automatically as often as you want, and this includes event ones. As long as they don't censor any future art, this really is a great pick.


I love this game, quite a bit. The combat is simple and fun, and the characters are nice. However, after the recent update and many attempts at reinstalling, the game just won't launch at all. It always gives me a "No such file or directory" error, which I don't really get (I've tried troubleshooting in the internet and there aren't many discussing it). So, a great game and would love to spend time (and a bit of money) into it, but I'm just bummed out that I can't play it at all no matter what.


This version is bugged. Enjoy the game, the battles are fun, the stories are silly and cute, but the right half of the screen stops working sometimes making it unplayable until you restart, which also is the slowest loading mobile app I've ever encountered. Sometimes it takes upwards of 15 minutes restarting the game, having half the screen not work and restarting it again until finally i get one that's good. It seems as though there is some sort of invisible overlay put over that half

Run Blue Archive on PC
Blue Archive, originally known as Project MX, is an RPG product released by NEXON, and this game is built with some beautiful animated girls where the player will be put into a teacher role. There are several events to be solved in the city, and you will have to guide your students as a teacher. This game is for the players who love investigation-related tasks and those who want to become federal agents.
A Unique Story Packed with Actions, Thriller, Friendship, and Love
Blue Archive holds a story that will be unrevealed from love, relationships, friendship, and feelings, as well as the actions packed with thrilling. The entire gameplay glows through the wild lives of the characters. And you as a player must evolve from your feelings and the relationships. The main girl has a story that flows through thriller, action, friendship, and love.
The story becomes curious with each step when you move in with the gameplay, and things are unpredictable here. Every character has been created in a 3D aspect, and throughout the story, we will have to move on with real-time battles too. To make it a way better with the gaming experience, you can take the gameplay into LDPlayer 9.
Endless Communication Facilities
For the players who love to interact with other gamers, they have the best features offered by the game. Blue Archive gives the facilities to maintain an interaction with others through two messaging apps Momo Talk and the in-game messenger. So for the ones who are looking for real-time animated battles with endless connection to other gamers, Blue Archive will be their ideal game.

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