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Last Updated: 2022-09-01 Current Version: 2.6.102
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I looove this app! it's so cute, fun and all, I recommend it for everyone, but 1 problem is the voice over, I mean it comes at story's but sometimes these speech bubbles comes and there's no voice over but expression like "hmm" "haha" I love the voices so much tho!! 💭 Edit: but for everyone the update isn't working and they have to reinstall the app pls fix this immediately!!


The game is sooo cute. The characters, buildings EVERY THING IS JUST SO CUTE!!!! But I sometimes experience lags, glitches, bugs, and more. When I screen record it takes 3 seconds and then lags. I hope you can fix that. And the city of dreams update is nice but I can't go in the game, which is very disappointing. I hope you can fix it please. But I'm still rating this 5 stars!


This game is actually really good: its charming cast, its simple yet complex gameplay, its expansive story! However it's demanding on some devices and can become repetitive after a while, leading to burnout. But still, my point stands. It is arguably one of the better games you can find on the app store, and it shows it has some real passion behind it. Amazing game, DEVSISTERS. 4/5

Devsisters Corporation’s most popular RPG title is the Cookie Run: Kingdom, and it makes players build their kingdom with cookies. There will be several festivals and also exploring what happens in an adventurous world here. The game is putting up players to have several roles, make them command their squad made out of cookies and have the best skill by only having a few taps.

Squad Made out of Cookies

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the entire squad is made out of tiny cookies, and they come with epic skills. They also have several costumes to wear, and the new cookie kingdom will be built with the squad formation with cookies like Clover, Custard and Coffee cookies and many more. They must escape from the Witch’s oven and build a whole new kingdom.

The squad has to be commanded by the players. And they all have to be led in battles until they achieve a victory. The best opportunity and advancements for all these battles can be acquired by LDPlayer 9.

Build a Kingdom and Battle until you Win

Several decors are available in the game to build up a unique kingdom, and there you have to craft items, produce some materials, and do many other activities to build up the most colorful kingdom ever existed. And the entire cookie squad will then lead to finding more toppings and treasures. The cookie alliance, kingdom arena, guild battles, and super mayhem game modes are available here to mark a victory by battling. Be victorious with the best formation of cookies.

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