For game players, the high-quality picture and sleek operation make a big difference in the gaming experience. This is why many game players pursue a higher frame per second (FPS). While due to the differences in the maximum FPS of each game and device, game players have to adjust the FPS manually. So in the following, we will show how to use FPS settings offered by LDPlayer.




Model: To Get the Highest FPS of Specific Model

Notice: Model and game settings can be available to some specific games that game publishers have set. For example, if the game publisher empowers the game 90 FPS as the highest and even you've set 120 FPS in the LDPlayer, the practical frame rate is 90 FPS and may be higher than 90 FPS sometimes.


But it's different when it turns to this situation: Game publisher empowers higher frame rate of some specific games in the specific model such as PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE in Samsung Galaxy S20 series (data originated from Officialpanda). Then you can use LDPlayer to help you set a virtual model to let you play mobiles games with the highest FPS on PC.


Step 1. Click the gear icon on the right side to enter into the Settings in LDPlayer. In the Model category, click the drop-down button to choose "High frame rate (120 FPS) model" and press "Set" to confirm. Then LDPlayer will choose a virtual model automatically. Tap on "Save settings" at the bottom to save your settings.

How to Use FPS Settings Offered by LDPlayer

Step 2. Then launch the game you want to play in LDPlayer. Go to the game settings to choose the 120 FPS/90 FPS. Due to the differences between the games, If you find no higher frame rate in the game settings, you need to search for the models that support 120 FPS and set it by yourself in LDPlayer.

How to Use FPS Settings Offered by LDPlayer

Tips: You can monitor the frame rate by clicking Menu > Display frame rate. Then you can see the frame rate at the top left during your gameplay.

How to Use FPS Settings Offered by LDPlayer


Game Settings: Set up Higher Frame Rate

To get a better game experience, you can make some settings in the "Game settings" category after setting the model.


Choose the frame rate you want to set by clicking the drop-down list. Then don't forget to confirm on "Save settings". It's noticed that this feature is applicable to some games such as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Girls' Frontline, etc. The feature may cause the game to consume high CPU and lag. If you find the apps go wrong, please set 60 FPS back.

How to Use FPS Settings Offered by LDPlayer

If you don't know which model your game runs best on or whether 120FPS will develop the running performance, you can just follow the guide to set the 120 FPS available model and game settings.


Multi-open Optimization: Lock FPS for Your Multi-open Instances

To open multiple instances of LDPlayer, users can gain a brilliant gaming experience such as in rerolling your gacha games.


But for computers with lower equipment, it is recommended to adjust the frame rate of your instances. This is because opening multiple instances of the emulator are restricted by the hardware of the computer which includes computer system, CPU, memory, graphics memory, etc. So it's better to adjust the lower frame rate when you open multiple instances to avoid computer error.


Step 1. In LDMultiPlayer, you need to make sure the frame rate of your instances is all set to 60 FPS in the Game Settings. The default frame rate in Game settings is 60 FPS. If you have modified it before, you can click the gear icon of each instance to set it back.

How to Use FPS Settings Offered by LDPlayer


Step 2. Click the "Multi-open optimization" at the bottom. In the pop-up window, you can drag the FPS bar to adjust the frame rate. If you want to open as many instances as possible, it's recommended to change the FPS to 10~20. If you only need to open 3-4 emulators, you can appropriately increase the FPS to 30-50.

How to Use FPS Settings Offered by LDPlayer


The frame rate of games is affected by many factors. The most important factor is the computer configuration, as well as the FPS settings offered by the game. The FPS setting in the emulator can only help improve the FPS of the game if the conditions are satisfied.