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Last Updated: 2022-11-01 Current Version: 4.5.21
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It is a good game with a lot to do. Autoplay is entirely optional and in some instances even impossible – always a plus. What bugs me, however, is the UI. It is SO cluttered. Way too full with events and notifications and whatnot. At times it feels you are too busy doing all that other random stuff, getting event rewards here and there, instead of actually playing. You mean it well, I'm sure, but SHEESH, it's so annoying.


Awesome graphics, great character design, story is spotty (good in some parts, meh in others). The main issue is so many many many different systems. It's an older game and they've tacked on one thing after another. Relics, alchemy stones, accessories, lightstones, rift stone, equipment and on and on. Each with its own different method of leveling up. I've been playing for a week now and I'm still lost as to what goes where. Could really use some streamlining. Going to keep at it though lol.


Interesting compared to the console and PC variations, but not horrible whatsoever as long as you have an understanding of how MMORPG games are on mobile. Also I almost forgot. The graphics quality and performance capabilities are wonderful. It runs very smoothly on my S21 Ultra and doesn't really drain my battery that hard compared to some other games, but even then it doesn't matter.

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Black Desert Mobile is the Pearlabyss role-playing game where it has been set in a world full of MMO features. The game revolves around a fantasy plot, and it makes you wander through players coming from more than 150 countries. This is an adventure where the players have to take a class from 13 available to them with some extraordinary skills.


The Best Detailed Gameplay with a Best Graphic Engine

The plot and the gameplay of this Black Desert Mobile are detailed amazingly from their tiniest details, and we, as players, can design a great representation of your digital appearance. You can create a player that doesn't seem like one as you, and here the game has been highly developed with the original quality by representing you with the best graphics.


The content of this gameplay is very diverse, and it makes you tame as well as fish by using your own created camp. This camp can be further expanded, and the adventure will also be conquered with the help of horses as well as pets. For the best features to play the game at an advanced level, you can use the LDPlayer 9.


The Next Level of Character Customization

Black Desert Mobile game allows players to express themselves the way they want, and they have entire freedom to the best customizations, and there is no boundary. You are free with so many options to make a true copy of yourself in this beautiful game. So whatever form you would love to express yourself in here can be done with the best freedom in Black Desert Mobile.

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