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I love this very much. Everything is fine and it works perfectly. Graphics and character designs - 10/10 Gameplay 8/10 (because sometimes it's a little buggy) Story 10/10 (there is an actual story and it has missions) Autoplay 8/10 Controls 7/10 (it's ok) The thing that i love the most is that you don't have to stay or remain afk always. There are times when you have to actually use your controls to finish certain tasks.


Good grapchics, story. Seems to be a large gameplay, fairly decent tutorials. However, it runs perfectly fine on my 7year old mobile, but most of the times it doesnt even start up on my 7months old chromebook.. stuck on first screen without loading mostly, and once you do manage to get on it will crash after a few mins. Battery wise ive not had any game draining battery as crazy as this. Therefore 1 star for now.


Game developer must fix their issue regarding buying packages but failed to deliver. I am trying to reach out to them but they say it is being reviewed by the relevant department. The purchased is worth $100. 1 week has passed and still no updates from them. I talked to my clan if they encountered the same problem before and they said they did but most of them chose not to report because of too much hassle. Please fix this issue. Today Jan. 17, 2023 - Thank You MIR4. The problem is fixed :)

“From my BATTLE to our WAR”
Join MIR 4, the unique open world K-Fantasy MMORPG.

Train your characters in MIR4 and help them grow stronger. Triumph in countless battles. Those who win the war become kings, and that clan will gain absolute power and honor.

MIR4 has diverse growing systems so anyone can become strong through time and effort. A small difference can change the outcome. The wars aren’t just fought with strength - strategies in the growth system and war tactics are a must.

The vast and huge Snowfield Area outside the Great Sabuk Wall has newly opened.
Experience the last journey of the Cheonpa group and enjoy many new features!

★Key Features
Warriors, which path would you choose in the land of MIR?

Would you like a brand new heart pounding experience?
Perhaps live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering?
Or even wage war against other warriors and clans to conquer over all.

Follow your heart and choose your path.
This is where your story begins... MIR4.

*Beauty and elegance of Oriental movement
Experience the elegant style of oriental martial arts combined with real-time fluid combat motions.

*All paths lead to your growth
Every trade has its master! Tired of hunting? Try gathering or mining.
All of your activities in MIR4 will ultimately reward you with character growth.
Your time and effort spent in-game never goes to waste!

*AI system moderates and prevents fraudulent transactions
Sophisticated AI system identifies and prevents bot farmers and abnormal transactions, providing a healthy and safe trading environment for all Warriors in MIR4.

*Free Looting
Unprecedented Free-for-All looting system where anyone has the right to claim loot.
Be aware of others when attempting to loot!

*Blue Dragon Statues and Token of the Ancient Dragon, rewards from your adventures within the land of MIR.
Your time and effort in MIR4 yields great rewards!
Various adventures and contents in MIR4 will handsomely reward you with Blue Dragon Statues and Tokens of the Ancient Dragon!
Collect these rewards to trade in for heroic items

*From my battle to our war, Castle Siege.
Endless adventures to overcome my limitations,
Facing the challenges of life and death along side clanmates.
Compose an epic story through countless glorious battles.
At the end of your conquest, the strongest Clan will be born!
For your Clan's honor and your legacy, start your war now in MIR4!

Official Site: https://www.mir4global.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mir4global

«App Access

For providing a quality gaming experience, MIR4 require permission listed below.

[Required Permission]
- Photo Album and Camera: For capturing and uploading images for ingame profiles.
- Microphone: For instance party voicechat.

[How to Change Permissions]
- After grating permissions, you can configure or revoke permissions by following steps.
- Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > MIR4 > Select Permission Settings > Permissions > Set to allow or deny
- Below Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to change settings, or delete the app.
*If the operating system version is lower than Android 6.0, you cannot change permission settings for individual apps. We recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher.
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