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Simply one of the most beautiful tower defense games out there with good difficulty progress throughout the story, great soundtrack and fascinating character designs. However, farming requires you to repeat finished stages (even with the unreliable autodeploy feature, you're still forced to watch/wait until it is cleared or fails due to rng issues). I would suggest having operators temporarily occupied in an autoclear, while the player can still access the home screen and other stages.


I played a lot of games and I am serious when I say this game is my favorite. The story writing is brilliant, the atmosphere, the lore, the world the characters, the music, the backgrounds, the dialogues... Just perfect. Try it out. And join some the various communities, they are super nice. And to top it all of it can be easily played without spending a single cent. It is single player so no preasure to spend. Play at your own pace. And finally: it will receive an anime adaption!


An amazing game with lots of characters, lore and actual challenging gameplay. I love tower defense games, and this brings so much nuance to the genre. One thing that stands out to me from other gacha games is the character design - they actually look like well-dressed people that would go out on a battlefield. Most of them, anyway. Everything about this game is stylish, from the outfits to the UI. I just hope it stays as generous as it is now, despite the increase of limited characters in CN.

Welcome to the Arknight where you will be playing the role of an amnestic character called the Doctor. After being saved by a lady named Amiya and her squad, you are asked to defend them against the infected.

The world is infected with a disease caused by a substance called Originium, and humans blame the ancient even though they are the most affected by this. A group called Reunion is a terrorist organization made out of disaffected Ancients that will use whatever means necessary, including violence, to end the discrimination against their people. The game's goal is for players to take charge of the battle against The Reunion and establish order in a crumbling world.




Arknights is played similarly to a tower defence game, With the ability to position various units on a field to prevent enemies from crossing over to the other side of the map. There will be more than one lane in the game, so you'll need to divide, recall, or replace your troops wisely to deal with all the enemies. Besides making crucial decisions to win battles, you will get to enjoy a wonderful roleplaying experience.


Gorgeous visuals and sounds


With the LDPlayer 9 enhancement, this beautiful anime-style game that perfectly blends RPG and strategy elements will offer the most pleasurable experience. Glorious music and some of the most well-known voice actors and actresses from Japan will further enhance your enjoyment of the game.



  • Stunning anime-style game with a perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements.
  • Hundreds of unique Operators in a variety of classes, open up countless gameplay options.
  • Auto Deploy system conveniently allows you to free up your hands.
  • Create a home, however you like it, with the Basic construction system
  • A solid soundtrack and some of the most famous Japanese voice actors and actresses will give you a sublime listening experience.
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