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Last Updated: 2022-10-20 Current Version: 7.0.01
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News and Guides for Arknights

Arknights Under Tides Rerun Event Guide

This article aims to explain the details of Arknight’s Under Tides Rerun Event and advises players on what they should do to get the most amount of rewards from the event.

Arknights | Updated Tier List Operators for Mansfield Break

Arknights has updated the tier lists of operators regarding the newest event Mansfield Break.

Arknights Tier List and Best Characters November 2022

Arknights tier list comes with eight classes based on their utilization for the game, and they are again divided by their strengths that show in the game to succeed in the battles.

Arknights Stultifera Navis Event - What to Expect

This guide aims to inform players about Arknights upcoming Stultifera Navis event and show how players can best take advantage of the event in order to get the most rewards.

The Best Arknights Operators to Roll for after October 2022

Horn, Irene, Dorothy, Invincible Gavial, and Pozyomka are some of the recent, best Arknights operators. Those will do the best with some of the best skills represented at the game for you.

Arknights Story Chapter 10 Release Guide

This guide aims to inform players about the story chapter 10 release Event and advises players on how they can clear Chapter 10 as fast as possible to get all the rewards.

Arknights Recruitment Guide

This guide aims to explain the details and guide players on how they can get free 6* Operators utilizing Arknights' Recruitment System and the Arknights Recruitment Calculator.

Arknights Walk in The Dust Rerun Event Guide

This guide aims to explain the details of Arknights’ Walk in The Dust rerun event and advises players on whether or not they should roll on the event gacha banner.

How to Play Arknights at 120 FPS on PC with LDPlayer 9

Settings about playing Arknights at 120FPS on PC with LDPlayer 9.

Performance Comparison to Run Arknights - LDPlayer 9 vs. LDPlayer 4

LDPlayer 9 is out now, and it is outperforming its previous version while improving the gaming experience and providing smooth gameplay.