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Last Updated: 2021-08-03

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News and Guides for Arknights
Arknights Operation Originium Dust Collaboration on Rainbow Six Siege
Arknights will launch a new collaboration event as Operation Dust Originium Event, on August 18th, 2021, as a collaborative event with Rainbow Six Siege. It comes multiple features added and offerings on the players.
Arknights X WWF Joint Charity Event | Coexistence 19th of May 2021
Arknights will hold a charity event for the World Wide Fund for Nature from 19th of May to 2nd of June 2021.
Arknights | Standard Pool 37 with Weedy, Exusiai, Zima, Leizi, and Andreana
Arknights is again giving you the chance to earn better five-star and six-star heroes to make your gameplay way cooler than before.
Arknights CN Indigo the New Announced Operator
Indigo is a new charge caster added to the Arknights as an operator, and she is more specialized in binding the enemies,
Arknights Contingency Contract Season Operation Lead Seal is Coming Soon
The Operation Lead Seal event comes on the 13th of July with the contingency contract season 4 on Arknights, and it includes many achievements, events, operators, skins and so on.
Arknights Contingency Contract Season 3 | Operation Cinder & Targeted Operator Headhunting Open
Arknights Contingency Contract from Season three Operation Cinder and the Targeted Operator Headhunting is now open to the players.
Arknights Carnelian the New Operator Guide
Arknights is coming with a new hero called Carnelian, and she is a six-star hero who has a self-healing system with high attack powers.
Arknights | What is Contingency Contract: A Walkthrough Guide
Arknights' Contingency contracts have several exciting features, missions, and rewards to the players, and it is a challenging mode to the players.
Arknights New Operator Nian, Ark & Hung: Earthborn Metals Review
The latest banner of Arknights, Earthborn Metals, has been released with three new operators. It includes a time-limited cooperator named Nian and two other operators with healing skills and sacrificial skills.
Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review
The latest operator in Arknights, named Tuye, has been released with the talent Water storage and two skills. Some of her features are much similar to the existing characters like Sussurro, Shining, or Warfarin.