Lords Mobile: Tower Defense

Last Updated: 2022-09-06 Current Version: 2.80
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The numerous fictitional games shown in the ads for this generic pseudo strategy "farm the new players" game are not even a part of this. You build up your base during the initial grace period, follow the forced tutorials and hit the first paywalls on the way. After your beginner shield runs out, you are dead meat. The other part of the game is a card collection that defines your units and some sort of troop pingpong where you place your troops as long as the energy lasts to overwhelm the foes.


Not bad for a 'free' mobile game. Nothing new here, just another build an empire, train and level up your fighters, everything takes a long time to do the further you get, kind of game. The graphics are pretty basic but quite nice. The game play has a good mix of building, researching, training and fighting but after a while it gets a bit repetitive. All in all quite basic but fun to dip into on a five minute toilet break.


Awesome game, I enjoy the stylized art along with the short background tales of each character. My only concern is to see more ethnic characters, and maybe even another narrative story. The narration at the beginning was very intriguing. I loved it, hope to see more characters,and maybe even more tales. Yet, other than that no problems. Love the game, and appreciate the level of time that was placed into making the game. Oh!One more thing. Please do a behind the scenes video,I would love it!


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Lords Mobile is a tower defense strategy game with a lot of chaos developed by IGG.com, and it makes players build an empire and collect heroes for it. And also, we have to train our troops here and move along, and there will be battles to check if we are at the top or not. This world is built to find our allies, and total domination can only be taken by destroying all the ones who crossed your road.

Join a Guild or Create Your Own

Since this is about dominating the world, we either need to join a guild or else we need to create our own here. And that is how players are capable of doing anything they would love to. The gameplay is full of PVP battles and more RPG elements, so every player needs to do their best to contribute towards a guild as it is the only way they can mark a win.

LDPlayer 9 here can offer you the best features to dominate this world with the best skills and performance.

Build the Empire and Train the Troops

Players have to build up their empire in Lords Mobile from a ground level, and they also have to do everything to train their troops. So, in the end, nothing can hold them back, and it will be the most outperforming way to victory. So if you would love to dominate with your own guild and travel worldwide, you have a reason to fight in Lords Mobile now.

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