Arknights | Updated Tier List Operators for Mansfield Break


Arknights is a mobile game developed by a growing Chinese game company named Studio Montagne and Hypergryph, and the game belongs to the category of tower defense. There are several characters or operators in each tower. When you begin to play the game, you have to unlock the stages and collect more resources while defeating the different types of enemies you confront at different levels.


Arknights | Updated Tier List Operators for Mansfield Break


As we all know, the tier list of Arknights is considered something complicated to arrange. Most of the operators have a specific situation where they will be at the pinnacle of their performances. Download Your Arknights on PC and refer to these new heroes.




As the generally accepted view, the players should have a balanced roster covering every aspect is the most appropriate way to make the team. Anyway, there are some standard operators in every Archetype. So, the tier list will continuously change the prioritizations following the Archetypes classes and their roles. So, there are filters that help to select the most desired types and functions of Archetypes.


In some situations, the lower rarity operators will use with their low cost. They need significantly less development, and it is an excellent choice to acquire them early to progress through the game faster. They will label with a red border. The marked ones are easy to access as they are available to purchase in shops. Each tier list has a basement to compare units following their full development. 


Tier list and their meaning


The alphabetic letter in every tier has a special meaning in the game. The implications are as follows.


  • Tier S means it is a highly effective operator, and it is one of the best options available.
  • Tier A means it is a highly proficient operator.
  • Tier B means; it is an excellent operator who can complete the assigned tasks potentially.
  • Tier C means there is a sufficient operator in the performing role, although it is not the best option every time.
  • Tier D means; it is the generally satisfying option when you have no other available options.
  • Tier X means it is a highly situational option, and the abilities are suitable for one stage.


Latest changes


In the Mansfield Break, the tier list is hierarchized relative to the operators in the same archetypes. Sometimes, it is useless to compare the operators as they make no sense. But, it will be essential to build the team and deciding which Archetype is most need in a given situation. Apart from that, if you will collocate all the operators with each other, it will need more + or – than the actual value. But it will be impossible to maintain in real-time.


The archetypes considered the game's potential operators as they create a meaningful impact on the game. So, it is impossible to rank them only based on the overall potentials in the game without the multiple existences of an archetype.


Changes in the placements of operators


According to the update, there are several changes in the placements of the operators. The list can name as more subjective also—the completed list as follows.


  • In the S Tier – you can find the five-star hero Mountain. He is a powerful example of a usually underpowered archetype.
  • In the A+ Tier – you can find the five-star heroine Kafka. She can give AOE sleep on the deployment.
  • In the A Tier – you can find the five-star heroine Robin and four-star heroines Pinecone and Gravel. Robin is the first in her Archetype, and Pinecone has high counterparts than her rarity. Gravel has enhanced herself from B+ using her low-cost and defensive bulk.
  • Tier – the five-star heroes Executor and Waai Fu. Both of them have downgraded from A. Generally, Pinecone is better than Executor. Waai Fu is unique and robust who can support high rarity operations.


When we filter the characters by their classes or archetypes, we can categorize them according to their new tiers. There are many categories like defender, caster, guard, sniper, medic, sniper, vanguard, specialist, and supporter. Following is the main tier list of caster, defender, and guard.


  • In the AoE caster - you can find the Mostima in S-, Leonhardt in A-, Skyfire in B+ and  Gitano in B+ and Grey in B, and Lava in C with 12F in D.
  • In the chain caster new tier list – you can find Leizi in B+.
  • In the Burninator caster – you can find Infrit in S.
  • In the model caster –you can find Beewax in A- and Mint in A.
  • In the ST caster – you can find Eyjafjalla in S+, Ceobe in S, Absinthe in A, and Amiya in A with Click in A-. At the same time, in Tier B+, you can find Tomimi and Nightmare. The Haze in Tier B, Steward in tier C, with Durin in tier D will be there.
  • In the ARTS DPS defender – you can find Asbestos in tier A and Dur-nar in B-.
  • In the Duelist defender – you can find Eunects in tier S.
  • In the Enmity defender – you can find Mudrock in tier S+ and Vulcan in tier A.
  • In the Healing defender – you can find Saria in tier S+, Blemishine in tier S-, Nearl in tier A, Gummy in tier B+, Hung in tier B, and Spot in tier C.
  • In the Normal defender – you can find Hoshiguma and Nian in tier S, Liskarm in tier A+, Bison, Croissant, and Cuora in tier A, Bubble in tier B+, Matterhorn in tier B, Cardigan and Beagle in tier C with Noir Corne in tier D.
  • In the AOE guard – you can find Blaze in the tier, Spector in tier A+, Broca in tier A, Savage in tier A-, Estelle in tier B, with Popukar in tier C.
  • In the Arts guard – you can find Surtr in tier S+, Amiya in tier A+, Astesia in tier A, Sideroca and Mouse in tier A-.
  • In the Brawler guard – you can find Mountain in tier S, Flint in tier A+, Indra in tier A, Jackie and Beehunter in tier B.
  • In the Dualstrike guard – you can find Chén in tier S-, Bibeak in tier A+ with Cutter in tier A.
  • In the Duelist guard – you can find Skadi in tier S, Franka in tier A, Flamebringer in tier A-, Matoimaru and Conviction in tier B with Melantha in tier B-.
  • In the Enmity guard – you can find Hekkagur in tier S with Utage in tier A-.
  • In the Ranged guard – you can find SilverASh, and Thorns in tier S+, Lappland in tier S-, Ayerscarpe in tier A-, Arene in tier B+, Frostleaf in tier C+ with Midnight in tier C.
  • In the robot guard – you can find Castle-3 in tier C.
  • In the support guard – you can find Whislash in tier A, Swire in tier C with Dovermann in tier C-.


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Arknights | Updated Tier List Operators for Mansfield Break




Arknights is one of the most complicated but exciting games for all game lovers. The newest update of Arknights is about the adjustments of tier list operations in the event Mansfield Break. As same as the event, there are several complicated tier changes in the game. So, this will be a shocking but surprising event for you all.

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