Arknights Stultifera Navis Event - What to Expect


With the recent livestream revealing the details of the next major event and the Stultifera Navis  event celebration, Arknights is entering one of its golden ages with brand new gameplay mechanics being introduced, brand new Quality of Life Changes, special Events and 3 brand new 6* Operators introduced - The 6* Medic Lumen, The 6* Guard Irene and the LIMITED 6* Specialist - Specter the Unchained.


In this guide, we will go over the changes that will be implemented into Arknights this Stultifera Navis  update, informs players on the details of the brand new event to celebrate a brand new event - Stultifera Navis and debates on whether or not players should roll on the new limited-timed banner featuring the LIMITED operator - Specter the Unchained.




Let’s play Arknights on PC together and find out.


Arknights Special Event - Stultifera Navis

Stultifera Navis is one of Arknights most important and rewarding event, featuring a free 6* operator, a new free skin and many rewards, up to 30 pulls from this event if players were to finish all the event’s stages and shop.


Stultifera Navis Event Stages

Stultifera Navis story and event stage is one of the most unique in terms of concept and gameplay experience in Arknights. In this Event, players will have to fulfill certain conditions before advancing onto the next story. These missions range from reading a story node or seeing a movie node to completing different stages a certain amount of time or to obtain certain special artifacts that will drop when farming special stages.

Players need to complete all of these tasks and finish reading the event story stages in order to complete the event and gain access to the farming stages which will reward players with special event currencies for them to spend on the shop.


In addition once players have finished the 4th story stage, they will be rewarded with the first copy of the FREE 6* Medic Operator - Lumen

Special Limited Event Shop

For the entire duration of the event, a special shop will be available for players to exchange their hard-earned event currencies to get special event limited items such as furnitures, headhunting tickets and 6* Lumen Tokens to upgrade his potential.


Players should prioritizes event exclusive items such as event limited furnitures, headhunting tickets and 6* Lumen tokens in the shop. Once those have been claimed, players can then buy EXP and character upgrading materials from the shop.

The Currency gains is proportional to the amount of stamina (or sanity) spent on each stage, so players absolutely need to stock up on sanity potions in preparation for this event.

Gameplay and Quality of Life Changes

After this Stultifera Navis update, certain gameplay mechanics and Quality of Life changes will come into effect, bringing players features that they have long been asking for and improving the gaming experience even more for all players, old and new alike.

Some of the main gameplay and quality of life changes includes:

1. Automatic Annihilation Skip Ticket: 

Once per day from daily missions, players can finish the mission to get a special “Annihilation Skip Ticket '' allowing players to skip the grueling 5-10 minutes of waiting for the game to complete a Annihilation stage for Orundums. Players can get a maximum of 7 tickets per week and the maximum amount of time the tickets needed to be used are 5. So players can stock up these tickets for up to 2 weeks to clear Annihilation quickly and save time on the game.

2. Sanity Potions Recover Amount Increase:

After this update, the usual amount of sanity recovered from using small sanity potions and normal sanity potions will be increased. Small Sanity Potion recover amount will be increased from 60 to 80 Sanity, while the Normal Sanity Potions will be increased from 100 to 120 sanity. Sanity Potions obtained previously before this update will not be updated accordingly, only the sanity potions obtained after this update will have its recovery amount increased. This update will help players play the game and farm events more effectively.

3. New Daily Missions Added:

As stated above, brand new daily missions will be added and new rewards will also be available from daily missions such as “Annihilation Skip Tickets” , EXP and LMDs.

4. New Material Farming Stages Added:

To help players even further with advancing in their team building, brand new EXP and LMD farming stages will be added into the game, providing even more EXP and LMD for all players with the same sanity cost as the normal stages.


Special Event Banner - Should You Pull

Along with the new event, a special limited time banner will be available for all players to participate in, featuring a special log in campaign that gives free pulls and 2 mew 6* operators - The 6* Guard Irene and the 6* LIMITED Specialist Specter the Unchained.


Special Free Pulls Login Event

During the Event Duration, the first time players login into the game, they will be rewarded with a limited time FREE 10-pulls ticket to spend on the Special Event Banner. In addition, for the 14 days during the banner’s duration, players will be given 1 free pull daily, up to 14 more pulls on the special banner, so players should make sure to log in daily.


Irene is a Sword Master Classed 6* Guard that brings a brand new mechanic into her kit and gameplay - Levitate. Irene’s unique Levitate debuff makes it so that light-weighted ground enemies will momentarily turn into air-borned enemies. These special debuffs have special utility with Irene’s kit, making her deal massive amounts of damage.

Irene’s Talent allows her to deal up to 150% more damage to Levitated enemies and her archetype makes it so that all of her damage will be dealt twice, making her extremely powerful and deal massive damage to enemies inflicted with Levitate.

Irene’s most powerful strength comes in the form of her 3rd skill, which deals 20 hits (40 due to her archetype) to random enemies, make them levitate and deal massive amounts of damage in the diamond shaped area around her.

Specter the Unchained

Specter the Unchained is a 6* LIMITED Specialist Operator of the DollMaker Archetype. Specter’s archetype makes it so that Specter doesn’t retreat herself once defeated by an enemy, instead, a special doll will take her place and reduce her block count to 0, deal arts damage over a wide area and slow the enemies for a duration until Specter will revive and take the field again.

Specter’s kit revolves around manipulating her HP and the enemies’ HP range. Her S2 makes it so that during the skill’s duration, Specter will not be killed even when suffering lethal hits from the enemies. However, once the skill duration ends, she will be forced into her doll form.

Specter’s main strong point comes from her 3rd skill, which grants her massive 200% atk up up and def up and she will deal additional damage to enemies with higher current HP than herself, effectively stomping them so that they will take as much damage as possible and leveling the playground for herself.

Should You Pull

Yes, You Should. For the next 3 months, this banner is the only banner with strong operators and even a Limited timed available Operator, so players should absolutely spend their currencies on rolling on this banner to obtain two of the most powerful operators in the game once the banner drops.


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