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Last Updated: 2023-01-19 Current Version: 3.3074.6 (559)
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Addictive game. That's it! I've deleted it multiple times, due to the frustration of losing 90% of the time. I don't think that I am playing a real opponent. It's feels like a simulated opponent, designed to beat you. It's characters are too precisely placed, and materialize immediately. My opponents often get a sudden surge of elixir in the last minute. They place way too many pieces, and can't keep up. My characters lose health or are eliminated before they materialize, but theirs don't.


This game had a 5 star review previously but the new king level update makes me accept that the game has fallen short of what it once was, why do I need a specific town hall level to progress to an arena, I have been playing this game for 5-6 years and I have ways enjoyed the fact that I didn't need money to progress but not anymore. It's a really immersive experience and I still enjoy the battles but we need to go back to the simpler times when you created unique cards almost every month.


Was fun at the begging, you win you lose but you can keep progressing and feel like your getting better. Eventually you get to a point where all youe opponents are levels 2-3 higher than you and/or all cards are maxed out. I can't even destroy a tower anymore, most the time don't even get a hit on one. Its beyond frustrating and annoying. Pure pay to win.

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Clash Royale is the game that makes you enter into the arena, and Supercell, as the provider for this game, has done every best thing to this game to make it the best tower defense game among players. This is a game where you will enter the arena and build up your own deck to utilize in real-time battles. It will feature your favorite character from the Clash of Clans, and you will be literally out into the battles along with many other players coming from the world.

Become a Master and Battle

There are several unique cards featured in this game, and picking up the best card for the battle deck will make you a successful arena for the battles. Placing the cards in the right place will do its best to kick off the enemies, all happening in fast-paced matches.
Players have to battle until they become the best at League and Global Tournaments so that they will be given the opportunity to play against the best players. Eventually, players will be offered more rewards as well as glory. For more advancements in Clash Royale, you can go with LDPlayer 9.

More than 100 Cards to Pick and Upgrade

There are troops available in this game where we have more than 100 cards to select and upgrade. The gameplay also features several spells and defense mechanisms; properly utilizing them will clear your way to winning battles and progress. And take your chance right now to become a master.

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