Arknights 3rd Anniversary - What to Expect


With January going strong and Lunar New Year fast approaching, Arknights is holding one of the most anticipated events in its history with the release of its 3rd Anniversary Announcement Livestream, featuring a variety of news, brand new events, rewards, and more. In addition, they have announced the release of 2 of the game’s highly anticipated and powerful operators to be released in the near future together with the anniversary event - the 6* Sniper Pozemka and the 6* Limited Guard Operator - Gavial the Invincible.


In this guide, we will go over all the game details of the Arknights 3rd anniversary, see what they have in store for all players to celebrate these amazing milestones, what events and what rewards have lined up and how players can best obtain all the rewards. In addition, we will go over all the brand new updates and events details that are coming to arknights with the release of the 3rd anniversary update patch.



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Arknights 3rd Anniversary Celebration Campaigns and Events

With the announcement of the 3rd anniversary celebration for Arknights, several new in game events have been announced that will reward players with various types of rewards, featuring special log in events, special missions, a brand new game mode and the most prominent event is the special side event - Ideal City.

Special Log In Events

During the special 3rd anniversary celebratory period 2 brand new log in events will be held in order to reward players with a large amount of orundums and various character upgrading materials, EXP cards and a special 1 multi summoning ticket for FREE. These events are: the Zeruertza Amazing Wall login event and the Arknights Endless Carnival Log In event.


The Zeruertza Amazing Wall Log in event will reward players with up to 800 Orundums daily simply by logging in for the event duration, this event will last for 14 days together with the limited banner. During the event, everyday players can pick 2 tickets with different Orundum amounts and obtain the ticket with the higher Orundum amount. If the amount of Orundums obtained during the last day is less than 400, players will be able to pick 3 tickets the next day instead. Players will also be guaranteed 3 800 Orundum tickets during the event period.

The Arknights Endless Carnival Log In event will reward players with a special Event Limited Multi Summons Ticket for free that is worth 1 multi 10 pulls on the brand new Limited Banner featuring the Limited Operator Gavial the Invincible. In addition, during the banner duration, players will have the chance to roll on the banner once per day, allowing for up to a total of 24 free pulls on the Limited Banner.

Free 5* Operator Select Ticket and 5* Savage

During the event period, players will also have the chance to obtain 1 special 5* Operator for free from the special 5* Select Ticket available for all players through the mail. This special 5* Select Ticket can be exchanged for 5* Operators up to the release of Elysium, making it a very important resource for players to get and use to obtain the 5* Operator of your choice.

In addition, players will also be able to obtain the anniversary special operator - the 5* Savage, who is only made available for every anniversary in Arknights, so if you haven’t gotten her yet, this is your best chance to do so.

Operators Recruitment System Update

Another brand new system change coming to the 3rd anniversary Arknights patch update is the Operators recruitment pool update that comes with major update patches.

This time, 3 new permanent operators will now be added to the pool for players to try and get from the Recruitment system in game for free, these operators include: the 4* Guard Cutter (Guard tag), the 5* Supporter Shamare (Debuff + Senior Operator Tags) and the 6* Specialist Phantom (Specialist/ Fast Redeploy + Top Operator Tags).

Shop Purchase Reset and Special Anniversary Packs

With the coming of the 3rd anniversary, the first time Originium double purchase will now be reset, meaning players will now have another chance to purchase twice the amount of Originiums for the first time they purchase Originiums after the reset.

In addition, special Anniversary exclusive value packs will be available for all players to purchase, each providing great values with high amounts of premium currencies, multi summons tickets and character upgrading materials.

Finally, for the first time ever, a special pack featuring a brand new skin for Exusiai will be available for players to purchase. This skin is a one time purchase and is of utmost limited availability for if players want to, they should buy the pack ASAP.

Brand New Character Skins and Skins Rerun

Together with the release of the side story, brand new Summer skins will be available for 4 different Operators - La Pluma, Elysium, Roberta and a L2D skin for Surtr.

Roberta’s skin will be free for all players to claim from the event as long as they clear the correct event missions. La Pluma and Elysium skins will each cost 18 Originites as they have special animations for the Operators when worn. Surtr will have her L2D skin at a 21 Originites cost, providing her with a special on screen L2D unique animation and special on field effects.

To add on, 41 different character skins of different series will also make their return during the event period, so if there’s skins that players want that they haven’t gotten previously, this is the perfect time to spend the Originite and obtain the skins for the operators you love. 

Stationary Security Service and Annihilation Update and Rewards

With the 3rd anniversary update, Stationary Security Service mode will receive a brand new map and its map rewards will be reset, allowing players to once again clear the new map and obtain more rewards in order to upgrade their Operators’ Modules up to the highest possible level.


Furthermore, a brand new Annihilation will also be added with this update , promising players brand new first time clear rewards for the amount of enemies killed during the Annihilation.

Arknights Special Side Story - Ideal City and Special Live Stream Rewards

Together with the 3rd anniversary announcement is the announcement of the special side story event - Ideal City with the release of brand new operators and a 5* free welfare - Minimalist. The guide for this event will be available in the upcoming week once the actual event drops so players should pay attention to our blog section to see when the guide for this special event will be up.

In addition, to celebrate the announcement of the Arknights 3rd Anniversary, all players will receive 2400 Orundums, a large amount of LMDs, EXPs and high tier character upgrading materials through the mail as a thank you gift for celebrating and following the game’s success for 3 years straight.


Many exciting new things are coming to Arknights after thai update goes live, so players should anticipate more coverage regarding the news involving this event in the future once the event drops from us.

LDPlayer 9.0 - The Perfect Engine to Experience Arknights

Recently introduced, LDPlayer 9.0 not only allows players to easily download and play Arknights on PC, it is also designed and specialized so that players can have the best experience playing Arknights on the highest FPS and highest graphics

Furthermore, with LDPlayer’s keyboard-mapping function, players can clear Arknights stages more effectively using only keyboard buttons, allowing players to be able to do the most famous Arknights trick - the Pause deployment trick, making the stages faster and easier to play and clear than when playing on mobile.

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