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Last Updated: 2022-11-22
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Mind blowing from the start. No bugs, no shortages in the tutorial. Interface is amazing. Graphics in-game and in the animations were perfect. Simple controls, friendly gameplay. I feel like I just went through a whole season Anime in 30 minutes. One of the best ones at that. Awesome Work and I hope to hear about other cool updates or games like this!


Really fun with a good amount of things to do. The User Interface is quite good as well, and the overall feel of the game is great. The character designs (art and chibi models) are really well done. The animations are better than I expected. And finally, the way base-building is done is easy and appealing (I love the Weather Station, it's a nice touch).


I wanted to like this game but the issue is it's core gameplay. The function cards are buffs you receive as you go along a mission, rewards from completing battles and such. These cards determine if you can complete a level 80% of the time. Even if your team is over leveled, you can easily loose if you have the wrong cards. The problem with this is that the cards are completely random. Which means you will loose randomly just due to your poor luck and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Neural Cloud is a fantasy violence game about dolls scattered across a desolate world which is introduced by Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd. This threatens the existence of dolls like never before. They are a group abandoned by mankind. In an uncertain future, these dolls roam around the world, gritting their teeth in hopes of escaping powerful enemies. As the leader in charge of this Neural cloud project, you must stand up for these desperate dolls even if they are abandoned by humans. Accordingly, you must set foot firmly in this unknown land of tormented, writhing dolls and find “Exiles”. As their saviour, you must explore the secrets of this mysterious world and find a way to save the dolls from their desperate situation and reveal the truth.

Tactical Battles With Unique Characters

In Neural cloud, you will be able to get an unprecedented battle mode with unique characters that you have never experienced before. If you are willing to take risks, you have the ability to fight by engaging powerful enemies. But it should be carefully planned and done. The ranks should be lined up properly and a perfect team of abilities should be organized. It will lead you to victory.

Dolls in all stages of life are waiting for your help because you are their saviour. You can train your favorite dolls and help to free them from their shackles on the Neural Clouds. Try to uncover the buried past. But remember, they should be kept between you and the dolls only. The best opportunity and developments for all these brand-new battles can be attained by the best emulator: LDPlayer 9.

Creating a Base

You can build a new city according to your preference, upgrade its facilities and build dormitories to fill it with resources. In addition, it is up to you to upgrade the facilities of the Oasis, the new home of the Exiles.

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