Project Neural Cloud Different Systems Explained Guide


Project Neural Cloud is a unique gameplay in which the anime-themed C dolls can be used in the battles, and the battles are automatic and dependent on the strategies you use. Besides the characters, character summoning system, and combat system, there are many different systems in this game, so we made this guide explaining all the systems you should learn before entering the gameplay. Therefore, are you interested in learning all these systems to learn how they will benefit you? Stay tuned. 


Project Neural Cloud


All these systems here are very beneficial for you to have more progression in the game and turn the battles upside down. As this is strategy gameplay, it is better to know more things to take advantage of the game, so with these system explanations, you can play Project Neural Cloud on PC using the best android emulator LDPlayer 9, and it's built-in super cool features and tools. 


Once you do so, earning the best experience in every adventure exploration will be a piece of cake. The gameplay is rich in battles, characters, various strategy types, and many exploration phases designed in different aspects; after reading this guide, conquering anything will be possible instead of impossible. 

Function System

The function is a system introduced among the different gameplay systems, and these functions will be beneficial when you battle in various stages as a Project Neural Cloud beginner player. In various stages, after completing specific battles, you will receive two or more functions to choose from, and sometimes you only receive one function so that you can go along with it. But if you receive more function options to choose from, you should check what your C dolls can do with these functions and how these functions will affect the battles. 


After you get a brief idea about each of these functions, you can choose one of them which will be the most effective one to use in the battles. So, that is how the function system works and the maximum number of functions to use in a battle is fourteen, and that is it. And also, besides obtaining new functions for your gameplay, you can choose to upgrade the existing functions with you that you have received before because it is good to have more functions. 


Function System


Still, upgrading the previously obtained functions is better to improve them once in a while. Since this function system is made to bring fortune for you in battles, you must take good advantage of them to enhance your play style of characters. With the help of this function, your characters will become capable of taking down the enemies faster. 


Construction System

The construction system will be another essential system among the Project Neural Cloud different systems that beginners should learn here. In the construction system, you can build various buildings for your city here besides the headquarters. When you build more constructions here, then it will open more doors for new features here. 


Construction System


You can build various constructions in your Oasis city, and the more constructions are added to the base, the more upgraded the gameplay becomes. Each construction has a purpose, and you can gain various benefits through these constructions that you can build through the construction system in the game. Some of the constructions you can do here are mentioned below. 

  • Search Terminal - You can search for new C dolls to add to your team through this construction. 


  • Engineering Bureau - this is where you can earn more Prefab to build more buildings successfully. 


  • Trading Post - this will improve the quality and quantity of the goods in standard acquisition areas. 


  • Weather Simulator - once you build this, you can unlock the Oasis Lightning System. 

Like this, there are other constructions with lots of benefits, and once you construct these, you need to upgrade them too. To upgrade the constructions, you need Diggcoin and Prefab Units in different amounts. Since there is a purpose you can achieve through each building, upgrading these buildings' levels will improve each building's effectiveness. 


Achievements System

The achievement system is the next one of Project Neural Cloud's different systems introduced. The achievement system has various categories such as career, dolls, explore, algorithm, construction, etc. In all these achievement categories, there are many achievements you can accomplish in this game. 


Achievements System


Each category has its achievements relevant to them, and let us explain it through an example. If we take the Career achievement section as an example, it includes the achievements you should take to improve your career here. So, like this, every achievement category has relevant milestones you should achieve in different sections. Once you achieve these, it will help you earn more valuable rewards. 


Class System

Every character comes in various classes, and the game introduces five classes. The class system is also one of the Project Neural Cloud different systems you should know. Every class has various skills and specialties, and you should understand each character's role well to use them in the battles well. 


The classes here are Guard, Sniper, Warrior, Specialist, and Medic. Each class character has a special role to perform. If we take the Sniper class, we should know that the Sniper is a class specialized in long-range battles and when you position these Sniper class C dolls, you should position them in the back row of the squad. 


The Guard is a class that is contrary to the Sniper because they have better defense skills, so the players should understand to use the Guard class in the frontline of the battle squad.


If we explain the Medic class, the characters in the Medic class have exceptional healing abilities. You can use these C dolls to heal the allies when enemy attacks injure them. As the Medic class C dolls are the best in healing others with considerable attacks, you should use the Medic class characters not in the front row because you need to position them in a protected area without letting them be exposed to the enemies. 


Class System


Warrior is a class in which the C dolls excel in attacking skills and have exceptional combat skills. Since they are better at attacking, you can use them in the front line to take the maximum results from their class role. 


The Specialist is the next class in this game, and the C dolls included in this class are supporters who can add buffs to the ally characters in the team. These characters are not good at attacking but adding buffs to the team members while debuffing the enemies. 


Since you better understand this class system, one of the best Project Neural Cloud different systems introduced here, you need to use all the best characters in each class well in the battles where you can earn the highest benefits against enemies. And the best way to earn the best level characters here is by rerolling; for more details, see the Project Neural Cloud reroll guide


Strategic System

The next one of the best Project Neural Cloud different systems that we explain to you right now is a strategic system. It is a system where you can choose various strategies before participating in exploration section battles. 


When you enter the battles, there are various strategies you can choose, and all these strategies have two sub-strategies for each. And from the two sub-strategies, you only can choose the most effective strategy. 


Strategic System


A strategic system like this will help you take over the battles easily by killing the enemies using the selected strategies or tactics. But these strategies or tactics will consume coins to activate them in the battles; therefore, once you obtain the necessary coins to activate all these strategies one by one, then you should activate them at the correct times. 


Since you know about this strategic system which is included among the best Project Neural Cloud different systems, you should take advantage of this system to win the matches easily. 



All these are the different systems introduced in this game by its developers, and now that you have advanced knowledge of all these systems, you can have better gameplay using the functions in these systems well. And also, if you have some Project Neural Cloud tips to use with these systems, you can have a great kick-off in the gameplay while achieving faster Project Neural Cloud leveling up in no time. 

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