Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud - How to Level Up Through your Gameplay Faster


Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud is better to call the most awaited game right now for the gacha world, and it might be because of the inspiring features that it has been set to be released. This is a 3D world that makes you want to climb in strategic gameplay, and there will be a lot of more challenging phases that you need to care about. So the most important thing here for the players is to level up, and we are here with a Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up guide teaching you how you will raise through the gameplay as a player.




Being in roguelike gameplay requires players to be smart and powered with the right procedure, as that is how you will find the best victory in the game. And hear us now. You will not take a fully simple game here because Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud is filled with so many battles, team tactics to be used, and a requirement to play the game strategically throughout the battles. So it is better to be fluent in every aspect of the game, which brings you to stop here.


In this Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up guide, we will discuss how you will unleash the best of yours in the game, and we will guide you on how you will handle the game’s map as well. But note that, since the game hasn’t been released yet, this guide has been raised with a viewpoint of the mainland game. And this will be updated when the global version of the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud hits the world. Until then, let’s start the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up guide from here.


What You Should do in the Battles

Change Your Position


The first thing we will discuss from this Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up guide will be related to your position. Suppose an entrance has blocked you, then there are some things that need to be handled with your position in the game.


The first thing is that a player must adjust to the current position, and they need to take every step to change the attack pattern they used to attack their enemies. It makes it very easier for a player when they are changing their positions, especially when they have encountered a medic on the enemies. Always make sure to change their output positions in these types of situations. That will make you easily level up through your game.


Replace the Dolls

If you currently own enough trained dolls with you, it is also a turning point for the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up in the gameplay. Players can take steps to replace their dolls from the current field. When the dolls have super health with them, they can act as the main force for you, and they might be better than your main force deployed in the battle.


Use Tactical Skills

The next thing to do when you are in the battles for Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up in the gameplay; just try to release some tactical skills you got. We can recommend you to release your hero’s second skill here as it can impact the greatest damage to the enemies. And it also makes them defeated easily and faster.


But there is one thing that every player needs to focus on here. There are still some new tactical skills, and they will not be suitable, especially when you are in the battles, as they need some more improvements from the players. So it is better if a player can train with the tactical skills and then unleash them towards the battles as it gives them a good chance to Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up through the game.


How to Deal with Boss Levels?

When it comes to boss levels, there are some things that you need to focus on first as they are helping Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up from the gameplay. Suppose you have been trapped in these levels. Then, have a better focus for the road. Or these can be called the deep diagnosis areas. These areas are very favorable for the bosses, so you must be well prepared for these places.


Try to give your all efforts here to delete the root protocol of the bosses here as it is identified as a passive skill for them. When you successfully do this, it gives you the opportunity to decrease the challenging features of the boss battles.


Upgrade the Combat Power

It is always recommended for a player to raise their combat power in this game, whether they are dealing with the bosses, fights, or anything. This is especially when you have an urge for Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up from the gameplay because combat power is the main part of your strength.


The combat power should always be more effective than the recommended level, and you need to make it a vital point in the game. So, we suggest any player upgrade their combat power and go beyond their role. So it generally increases the effectiveness of your combat as well as helps towards the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up from the gameplay.


Having a Perfect Team

If you own a perfect team with you, nothing can stop you from reaching a maximum Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up from the game. We can bring you several recommended settings here, and a team needs to be created into four concerning parts as follows.


  • A physical hero
  • A warrior
  • A guardian
  • A shooter
  • And a special hero


Among these figures, we highly recommend you go for a physical as well as a guardian role to be included in the game as they are very easy to practice and give the best performance of any. These roles are very effective when you are in the early stages of your game, and those are always the recommended units to be practiced too.


When a team has been created using five figures, they should come with a recommended physical unit and a guardian. We don’t recommend you to go for lower star heroes and always head up to the high star units as they do the best for you with the best performance. And you should always note that 3-star heroes are always going to be your best units to be utilized in the early stages as well. That will make up a quick Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up for sure. 


If you want to be aware of each unit in this game, you can also refer to our Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tier list.


Reach for the Best Performance from the Gameplay through Your Units?

If you are searching for the best ways to unleash the true performance of the heroes, there is only one suggestion we have right now to give you. It is the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9. After all, you need to find the best ways to have the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up from the gameplay, right? Then you should better be focused on having the best performance from every hero unit.


For this greatest performance, we will be given the Keyboard Mapping feature here, which gives us the shortcuts to handle the game and the best movements by setting W, S, D, and A keys for controls. If these are not enough, for each and every movement, we can set a key as per our choice, and you literally create shortcuts and easy personalized movements for the entire gameplay here.


And we also have another tool called the Keyboard Macro Commands, which will set you at ease for repeating actions. Here for each and every repeating action, you can write macro commands to be combined for one key, and you get the most out of your gameplay from here as well. Because you literally have access to ease all the repetitive actions by a single key. So the gameplay in Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud will be easier than ever.



And that is the end of our recommendation for all the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud level up attempts throughout the gameplay, and it is now your turn to show how truly capable you are of the game. Understand and utilize what we have discussed in the content, and we can assure you that it will do wonders for you for all your attempts on your level up. So hurry up. This is your turn to shine.

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