Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud Tips for a Best Start


Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud is your new game based chiefly on strategies. Warning; the players must be more strategic to win the gameplay here. But what if you do not have any Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips to give an idea of how to use strategies and what strategies you need to use in which situation? You are done here in this game. Therefore, we gathered the best Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips to make the players win against any enemy the players will face here. 




The game plot is about Exiles who are dolls thrown away by human beings because of their supernatural powers and errors. But because there are several enemy intruders, the player, as the commander, has to gather all the Exiles and form a group to destroy every evil force they encounter. Since the gameplay is complex, the players need to learn some Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips to ease the gameplay. 


So, now, let us find out the best Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips we have gathered here and how these tips will ease the players' gameplay. Are you ready to have the best start in this game? 


Combating Tips

This is going to be the first from our Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips. Since the combat runs automatically without even a player and a player will require to activate several ultimate skills of the character targeting several enemies. Even though the battle is automatic, the players should have some Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips to ease the fight and make it more successful.


  • Whenever the players encounter an enemy boss, it is necessary to prepare some characters who excel in debuffing and healing. Because these two will be the crucial factors, the players must always focus on if they face a boss enemy. 


  • Raising the team level is very important to be a tough challenge to the enemies. 


  • The players can see different tiles with different buffs on the battlefield, and they must place the suitable characters that can have the maximum results from certain characters. Because depending on the character stands on certain buff tiles, the whole team will get additional stats. 


Tips for Team Composition

Let’s have some Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips for making a great team. There are five players the players must take into each battle, and there are three additional character slots that the players can select other characters to have different impacts on fighting. Now that we talk about tips to gain victories in the battles, the first thing to consider is the team composition. If the team consists of characters with low skills, then the whole gameplay is out of the track of the victory.


Therefore, we will recommend a team composition to take for battles and have compelling gameplay. For the team's five members, the players should include specialist, medic, fighter DPS, tank, and sniper DPS. If the players have two sniper DPS, each battle will have better outcomes. 


And to the other three slots, the players can include the best characters waiting in the line, but before that, the players must consider whether they will get along with the other five team members or not. 


Additional Tips for a Better Gameplay

Since we have given all the crucial Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips for the gameplay, let us see some essential tips that the players can use to improve their gameplay even a little more. 


  • Instead of manually picking up the items the players will receive as rewards, the players can use the "collect all" button to collect everything at once. Because even if you select only the essentials for you at that time, the rewards you will receive will be helpful for some time. 


  • When buying something in the in-game shop here, do not rush over to spend your digicoins; instead, try to buy something necessary using Quartz Sand because digicoins are harder to collect.


  • When you dispatch characters into battles, it is compulsory to have five units at least for each match. Still, to the players' preferences, they can have three other extra units to have additional support in the game. Therefore, make the right choice when making the team. 


  • Complete daily and weekly quests as much as possible other than sticking with the main story. Because completing these two types of quests will reward you with many stamina and experience points, quartz sand, primary search tickets, advanced search tickets etc.


To make yourself better prepared for the game, you can refer to our Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud beginner guide from here. 


Earn Powerful Characters

Lets have some Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips to earn the best units in this game. Since the summoning system of the game comes as a gacha, the players will not always get what they want. Therefore, they quickly disappoint and try to reroll to have the best characters. But there is no guarantee that the first time rerolls the characters the players want, and because of that, the players will have to reroll until they get old. 


But if you have the chance to reroll from two or more accounts at once, it will increase the probability of getting what they need faster than rerolling through only one account. Therefore the best tip the players can use to have the best characters in a short time is to play the game with LDPlayer 9 once it is released.


The Multi-instance Sync feature in LDPlayer 9 allows the players to create two or more gaming accounts at the same time, and the players have the opportunity to perform rerolls from all these accounts at once. That will give you the best characters faster than the usual reroll. So let us play the game with LDPlayer 9 and have the best outcomes in the gacha system. 



So here are the Girls Frontline: Project Neural Cloud tips to make you more strong. So why you wait more, just start the game. Take this guide as your ultimate help and do the best

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