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Last Updated: 2022-11-04 Current Version: 1.1143.2
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Overall I do enjoy this game for the most part. However, I do not like the fact that you require an exclusive currency of sorts to play ranked when you only get a handful each day. I would much prefer the ability to play ranked consistently with the possibility of losing trophies from a loss. Not only that, but casual play has almost zero use outside of getting achievements.


Pros: Fun and fast gameplay to burn time! I'm also loving the skins! Very creative heroes and skills to play with when creating your decks. A game I will definitely not uninstall for a long time. Cons: everything is so damn pricey. For a game that feels very incomplete, they really put half the focus on in-game purchases. Even COC's battle pass is cheaper(half the price!) and it delivers a lot more. It also gets a little repetitive since the phasing of the levels are slow.


A totally strategic game with different minis and heroes to tackle and defend from. Each mini has a different strategy and way to play the game. Some requirements needed, like more gamemodes, social features, new boards/tiles, etc. though the game is in beta, I expect all of this to come till global. Minis are very cute ;)

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The Clash universe is coming to life as a strategic game by Supercell, and you have an auto-battler game that will be set in a real-time space here. It is Clash Mini, where you can have the army of the Minis to deal with a strategy board game.


Clash Mini is a game that will take you to battles with the most popular Clash Universe characters, and there is an army of Minis that you can deploy for the battles. This is a game that makes a player the last standing, and here in Clash Mini, you do it through the Minis while using the perfect strategies and formations. It is a battle to be led by heroes.


Two Game Modes and Battles


You can either play a 1v1 match or a rumble mode. You will be playing against a total of seven players. You can play even to be ranked top to become a top league in the game, and everything needs to be mastered while progressing as things get challenging. There are so many opportunities that you can arrange the army here, and the right strategy will make it easier for you to beat the best out of the battles.


Every battle in Clash Mini is 3D, and they are fast-paced. Everything will be action-packed, and you have to engage in a maximum of 5 minutes of battles with Minis here. While battling, there will be a lot of customizations as well as upgrades to choose from. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9, will give you a chance to enjoy your battles to the best.


Enjoy a Quality Battle Experience


A quality battling experience comes when you can see everything perfectly, and the only way to achieve this is the LDPlayer 9. There, you will not be framed for a tiny screen, and every bit of detail can be seen from your game screen with a PC with this perfect emulator. You are not going to lag, and the quality of the pictures and visuals will also be on a top level here.


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