Clash Mini Beginner's Guide to Battle System, Minis, Upgrades, and Placements

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Clash Mini is an exciting new strategy game from Supercell, developers of the highly acclaimed Clash of Clans. While Clash Mini isn’t available in all regions of the world just yet, the game can be accessed from supported countries on the Google Play Store.


Unlike Clash of Clans, where you compete with other players in a large world and own your lands while playing to dominate others, Clash Mini is the other way around. This game requires little strategic experience, and the battles take place in a much smaller arena this time around. 


So in this beginner’s guide article, we’ll be detailing the various aspects of this game to both players who have access to the game or those who eagerly anticipate the worldwide launch at a later date.


This guide will familiarise you lots with some of the game’s basic controls and game modes, whether you’ve been playing Clash of Clans games for a while or if you’re a starter. So without further ado, let’s dive in. 


Understanding the Gameplay

The playable characters in this game are called Mini. Battles are fought on the Clash Mini board. You’ll start with a hero, this hero will be your most important unit in every battle, and unless you change their position before the start of any battle, they’ll always be the first at the front lines. Besides your most important hero, you can also summon other Mini characters to fight alongside your hero. These are sort of like supporting minis since your main hero can’t handle all the opposing enemies on their own. 


Clash Mini Gameplay


Mini Placements

You can summon a mini from the bottom of the screen where they are placed, and then you can choose the position you want to place them. Minis rarely move away from their position once they’ve been placed, but they will automatically move to a better position after taking down an enemy.


For instance, if your Mini is an archer, they usually shoot arrows at enemies from afar, so there’s no need for them to move. But if your Mini is a commander who uses swords, then they’ll be forced to move around the battle arena to get a better attack position on their enemies. 


Clash Mini Mobile Game


Upgrading Minis

Sometimes a battle can become too tough that both your main hero and mini will be unable to win or defeat the opposing team. In this case, you may want to upgrade your Mini. Upgrading them increases their attack damage level, so upgrading your Mini is just as easy as placing them on the battle arena. You can upgrade them by dragging them from the screen button and placing them on the Mini board. 


You can either palace them on the mini-board or directly on the same Mini you want to upgrade, and it’ll be like merging two minis into one. But if you drag it to anywhere on the screen, it’ll automatically locate the exact Mini on the mini-board and upgrade that particular Mini. 


As soon as a mini has been upgraded, you’ll notice the damage increase from their attacks towards enemies. Even if your most important hero mini is killed off, your supporting Mini can win the match on their own if they’re well upgraded. 


Battle System

Like most fighting games, Clash Mini takes an interesting approach to how one can win a match. Winning one round isn’t enough to declare you the winner in this game, as you’ll have to play through three whole rounds. And to win, you have to be victorious thrice. Opponents become stronger after every match because each round also has its set of rules, such as the number of minis allowed on the mini-board. 


For instance, at the start of round one, it may just be your hero mini and one other Mini against an opponent with the same number of minis. So if you’re able to win that round, round two will allow an increase in the number of minis; this can be three or four minis on each team. And for the final round, there could be up to five or six minis on each side of the board. 


So as opponents become stronger after every round, it is also up to you to choose the right minis to bring into the mini-board to fight for you because if you choose the wrong minis, you may just lose a very important match. And when selecting minis, you can click on the reroll button on the button right of the screen to remove unwanted minis from your team. Removing these unwanted minis gives you random access to new Mini or minis that could be more or less powerful than the last, and some of them possess special abilities such as the Clash skill. 


The Clash ability is triggered at the start of every match and is only used if the Mini has the ability. When the Clash ability is used, you’ll notice the high damage attack from the Mini to an enemy. This attack could be a sword, arrow, or spear, and it will put an enemy mini down in one strike. Minis with the Clash abilities also tend to last longer in battle. 


Clash Mini Battle System


Choosing your Hero Reward

After completing your first Duel, you’ll have to choose any one of three as the reward that you’ll use as your main Mini moving forward. You’ll have to choose from:


Barbarian King


An inspiring commander who always thrives in heated battles and does his best to make sure that if he’s going down, then he won’t go down alone. He also has a special skill which is Iron Fist. This lets him increase the damage of nearby allies for a short time. 


Clash Mini Barbarian King


Archer Queen


With her outstanding archery skills, she can rain destruction from afar with a storm of bolts using her crossbow. Her special Crossbow skills caused a huge increase, and attacks hit three enemies for a short time. 


Clash Mini Archer Queen


Shield Maiden


A strong warrior who believes that the best offense is a great defense, and with his firm shield, he proves just that in battles. His Magic Shield skill lets him gain block and reflect some damage to the attackers quickly. 


Clash Mini Shield Maiden


So depending on the character you believe will suit your type of gameplay, you can choose any one of them to start the game with. 

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