Support Function Instruction
Keyboard Mapping
Keyboard mapping can help players to set hotkeys to control mobile games using keyboard and mouse.
Synchronizer Tool
Synchronizer can enable you to control multiple instances at the same time. Here's a guide and tips for users.
Shared Folder
Users can transfer files between PC and LDPlayer through File Transfer feature built in LDPlayer.
Keyboard Macro Command
Introduction of Long press event,key command,text command,switch-mouse command,mouse-lock command.
Operation Recorder: Write Script
A useful tool that allows users to record operations and turn it into a script on an Android emulator.
Gamepad Controller
Here is the instruction of using gamepad on LDPlayer, which is enabled in 3.7 and above version.
Command Line Interface
Introduction to LDPlayer Command Line Interface.
Hide key Prompt
Tutorial on how to hide key prompt in games which is shown by default.
Switch Languages of LDPlayer
Steps of switching languages of LDPlayer.
120 FPS Setting: Play Games at 120 FPS on LDPlayer 9
A setting tutorial about playing android games at 120 FPS on LDPlayer 9 like NIKKE, Arknights, Higan:Eruthyll, Archeland, etc.
Record Window Position
Setting LDPlayer to remember the position and size of LDPlayer windows to improves the user experience.
Xposed Installer Setup
Xposed is one of the most powerful and sought-after tools that every advanced user of Android looks forward to.
Video Recorder
Use Video Recorder in LDPlayer to help you record highlight game moments to run mobile games on PC.
Adjust Y Sensitivity
In this tutorial, you will learn how to set Y sensitivity for shooting games on LDPlayer.
Clear Disk Cache & Release Disk Space
Detailed steps to clear disk cache generated in LDPlayer and release your computer disk space.
Switch from Landscape to Portrait
Steps of switching from landscape to portrait.
Diagnostic Information
A feature for users to quickly check their PC and emulator configuration information.
Cloud Service & Sharing Feature
Tutorials on how to use clould service and sharing feature to save custom keymaps and scripts.
Operation Recorder: Merge Scripts
This tutorial will supplement the operation of merging scripts and to how to merge script.