LDPlayer - Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to LDPlayer Command Line Interface

To begin with, go to the installation directory of LDPlayer to find a file named ldconsole.exe (or dnconsole.exe) and double-click on it. 

Introduction to LDPlayer Command Line Interface

Type cmd into the search box or the Run dialog box (You can press the Windows key and R simultaneously to bring up the Run dialog box).

Type the path of ldconsole.exe (such as C:\Changzhi\LDPlayer\ldconsole.exe) into Command Prompt to show usage instructions. Most commands include the parameter -- name or -- index which is used to specify which emulator is to be operated.
For example:
--name LDPlayer
--index 0
Both of them are used to operate the first emualtor. "namemeans the name of the emulator and "index" refers to the index of it. Let's take a look at various commands.


1. launch LDPlayer
launch <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx>
For example:
dnconsole.exe launch --name LDPlayer
dnconsole.exe launch --index 0


2. quit LDPlayer
quit <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx>


3. quit all LDPlayer instances


4. property setting
modify <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx>
    [--resolution ]
    [--cpu <1 | 2 | 3 | 4>]
    [--memory <512 | 1024 | 2048 | 4096 | 8192>]
    [--manufacturer asus]
    [--model ASUS_Z00DUO]
    [--pnumber 13812345678]
    [--imei ]
    [--imsi ]    
    [--simserial ]
    [--androidid ]
    [--mac ]
    [--autorotate <1 | 0>]
    [--lockwindow <1 | 0>]

For example:
dnconsole.exe modify --index 0 --resolution 600,360,160 --cpu 1 --memory 1024 --imei auto


5. create
add [--name mnq_name] 

6. copy
copy [--name mnq_name] --from


7. delete
remove <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx>


8. install, uninstall, run and kill app
installapp <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --filename
installapp <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --packagename
uninstallapp <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --packagename
runapp <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --packagename
killapp <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --packagename


9. setprop/getprop/adb
setprop <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --key name --value val
getprop <--name mnq_name | --index mnq_idx> --key name

For example:

setprop --index 0 --key "phone.imei" --value "auto"
setprop --index 0 --key "phone.imsi" --value "auto"
setprop --index 0 --key "phone.simserial" --value "auto"
dnconsole.exe adb --name "LDPlayer" --command "shell pm list packages"
dnconsole.exe adb --index 0  --command "shell pm list packages"


10. list2
F:\changzhi\LDPlayer>dnconsole.exe list2
List2 returns multiple messages at one time, in turn:
index, title, top window handle, bind window handle, android started, pid, pid of vbox