Operation Recorder is a tool which can record your operations on an Android emulator and replay as a script. This automation program enables you to record any operations that executed on LDPlayer, such as touch, text input, volume up and shake. With this useful built-in tool on LDPlayer, you can run the scripts you created for certain purposes to help you get better experience and performance playing mobile games on PC.


It won't be too difficult to use this tool as we will teach you how to record a script step by step. Once you learn how to automate your Android emulator using Operation Recorder, you can record many creative scripts to help you complete some unexpected operations for the games you're playing on LDPlayer. Now, please refer to the user guide of the Operation Recorder below and start to creat your first script!


How to Use Operation Recorder on LDPlayer

Step One – Complete Script Recording

Firstly, you need to find the “Operation Recorder” button in the toolbar and click on it to activate the tool. Of course, you can also press the shortcut key “Ctrl + 8” to quickly open the Operation Recorder. Then, you should click the “Start” button to initiate script recording.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

During the recording process, you can click the “Pause” button or the “End” button in the upper right corner to pause or end the recording process depending on your needs.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

Step Two - Adjust Execution Settings for Your Script

Once you click the “End” button, the recording process will finish and create a new script. All actions you executed during the recording process have been recorded in this script file.


After that, if you want to execute the script in a custom way, you can adjust some settings before you replay. You will see a gear-like icon and that is the “Script Settings” button. Of course, you can also play back the records directly without any further settings.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

Execution Loop

In the Script Settings menu, the first option is “Execution loop”. If you want the simulator to be able to execute the records in a loop, you can adjust the loop settings in this option. There are three different ways to execute the loop.


“Till loops number”: You can set the number of loop execution for your script files in the emulator. Then, when you play back the records, LDPlayer will automatically execute the loops according to the times you set.


“Till time”: If you don’t want to set the loop numbers. You can also set the duration time of the loop. For example, you want the emulator to be able to execute a 30-minute loop, you can type 30 in the box.


“Till manual stop”: If you want to terminate the execution loop by manual mode, you should choose “Till manual stop”.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script


Loop Interval

The loop interval setting can let you adjust the interval time between loops. You just need to type the number you want in the number box to set the loop interval. For example, if you set this to 0 seconds, then the emulator will continue to play back the records without a time interval.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script


The last option is “Accelerating”. During the process of playback, the accelerating function can directly accelerate the processing speed. For example, we need 5 seconds to click the left mouse button 5 times. After we record this script and choose “5x” speed, LDPlayer only needs 1 second to complete 5 clicks of the left mouse button.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

Automatic Execution and Start

You should check the first box if you want LDPlayer to automatically execute the script files when you activate LDPlayer. If you need the emulator to automatically restart at a special time, you can check the second box and enter the number. What’s more, when you check both boxes, Operation Recorder will execute these two commands at the same time.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

After you have completed all the settings, remember to click the “Save” button to save the settings.


Step Three – Execute the Script File You Just Recorded

After you completed the execution settings, you can click the “Execute Script” button to execute the script files and play back your operations on emulator.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

Other Reminders

It is also very easy if you want to combine multiple script files into one. You just need to click the “Merge” button to merge your script files. If you want to modify the script file name, just clicking the “Rename” button on the left of the date. Besides, you can locate the script file on your computer by clicking the “View script files” button in the lower right corner.

User Guide - How to Use Operation Recorder to Write Script

The Advantages of Using Operation Recorder for Gaming

We’ve talked about how to use the Operation Recorder within LDPlayer above. Now, we also want to discuss some advantages of using Operation Recorder.


Repeat Action Automatically

Generally, the most attractive function of Operation Recorder is that it can help you execute some repeated actions automatically without any operations. It is very useful when you are playing some role-play or adventure games. For example, when you need to collect some resources in a game by constantly repeating some actions, you can run Operation Recorder to achieve automatic resource collection.


Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Operation Recorder enables you to record your operation process and turn it into a script file on your computer. After that, you can run these script files at any time you want to execute those operations you recorded. It can truly save your time while you are playing games with an Android emulator.


Powerful Setting of Customization

In Operation Recorder, there are many powerful and useful settings including Execution Loop, Accelerating, Automatic Execution, etc. You can create your own recording plan by adjusting these settings according to your demands. Operation Recorder can automatically generate scripts to help you keep away from keyboard, complete tasks, and update accounts and so on.



Operation Recorder is one of the most useful features of all the functions that come with LDPlayer. Moreover, there are also many useful tools on LDPlayer such as LDMultiplayer, Synchronizer tool, etc. All these tools can provide emulator gamers with more automatic operations and better gaming experience.