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Last Updated: 2022-12-14 Current Version: 3.6.0
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I'm a casual player that's been playing for a good year now. It's a great game! Cute characters and easy to follow gameplay. Pretty FTP friendly. My only big issue with this game is how slow the gatcha system is. There's only ever 1, a max of 2 characters in the limited banner at a time, and they stay for a good 2-3 weeks every time. If you aren't interested in the characters then the game can feel extremely slow at times! I wish they had more banners running simultaneously to pick up the pace!


Thanks a bunch devs for paying attention to the comments, the game is smoother now compared to the previous updates. Though there's a bit of hiccup that I noticed about the "freeze loading screen". The freeze only happens in mobile data, while playing arena and p.arena. It never freezes in wifi though ( don't know about the others ). Well, the game is much better now. Tnx again, keep up the good work!


As a F2P, I almost am in the top players while I got into it late so even though the game is a little long to grind, it is also very accessible for F2P players. Animations and illustrations are gorgeous, there is a lot of content, and even a lot more every mounth. Every character is viable and the stategic aspect in teambuilding is very interesting, I had a lot of fun figuring out what is good under what condition! I've been playing for 1 year from now, and I can tell you I had a lot of fun!

Play Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC with 120FPS

For the Japanese action game lovers, Cygames, Inc has brought Princess Connect! Re: Dive to the world as a role-playing game. This is a game where you have to participate in several game modes, and it has to be done by forming a party made out of 5 members. The land of Astrum is placed here to begin the journey, and the game is full of a wonderful tale made out of the best animations.


LDPlayer 9 is the best android emulator to play Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC. This is the only emulator currently that supports 120FPS. With the high FPS, you can experience console-quality 3D animated graphics in the game.


Note: You should update the emulator to version 9.0.30 or latest version to enjoy 120FPS !

Real-Time Battling

The gameplay allows players to deal with real-time battles, which are not harder either. It is very simple, and the battling goes in the PVP arena, main quests as well as the arena modes. Every time a player finishes off a gacha mechanic, the game offers them a new character, and they can exchange it for specific Memory pieces.

A player must form the best clan as it is the best approach to the clan battles, and these are more like raid battles. And what is more exciting is that players can chat with each other from the clan room. LDPlayer 9 here will provide you with the best features to optimize your gaming experience with better options.

Unique Playable Characters

Every hero featured in Princess Connect! Re: Dive will have their own Union Burst as well as unique two skills with them along with an Ex skill. They also have regular automatic attacks with them. They can be evolved and powered up by the right level upgrades and weapon utilization. So it is the perfect time for Princess Connect! Re: Dive to make bonds with every princess and go through the story.

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