Princess Connect Ultimate Guide to Dungeons


Princess Connect is a Japanese real-time action and role-playing game developed by Cygames. The players have to create a group of five members and participate in the main quests. There is the player versus player modes also. The game's plot is simple to follow, and the gorgeous and pleasant anime is interesting with its funny and peculiar personalities.


Princess Connect Ultimate Guide to Dungeons


The game has been updated with the newest event of Dungeons. This will be an exciting and challenging event for all of the players. This guide will be the ultimate escort for all of you to know everything you have to know about the Dungeons. Download your Princess Connect Re Dive on PC and start the Dungeons from here.




You can access Dungeons after completing the Normal Main Quest World 2-12. This is to beat your enemy teams and then climb up top to beat the boss. Your progression on the game will be auto-saved. Then, players can start from the place they left last. It means you have to commence from the latest floor that you have finished. However, you could not choose to withdraw from it.




When you complete different floors in the game, you can get several rewards as follows.


  • You will be rewarded with Memory pieces, Jewels, Equipment Fragments, Blueprints, and Mana by completing each floor.


  • Completing the floors with red and gold chests known as "Checkpoint Floor" will give you Dungeon coins. The number of coins will decide according to the difficulty of the particular Dungeon.


  • When you clear a difficult Dungeon for the first time, you can get a piece of Guildhouse Furniture. It will be yours, Stamina. That is equal to the "Snack Break Table" which you have obtained by unlocking the Guildhouse.


  • You can go into one Dungeon in a day. Your entry to the Dungeon will calculate once you get into the Difficulty level that you want to get in. Then it will be auto rest the following day.


  • The Dungeon will close when your clear it by finishing the Dungeon Boss. At the same time, if you enter the Retreat Button either mistakenly or willingly, the Dungeon run will be closed.


Dungeon Basics


There are few essential details that you have to know before participating in Dungeons. Characters that are on level 10 or above that level are eligible to participate. Other details are listed below.


  • When you have started using character, you will not use it until you finish the Dungeon or retreat from the quest.


  • At the cost of Mana, you are eligible to use one supportive character. Those characters are from your Clan Members. They can gather into two characters and help the characters in the submenu. It is on the clan page's left side.


  • The characters of you will have their current HP and TP on the next floor.


  • When your time over while playing the game, the characters who survive in the battle will be auto-saved, and they will appear on your next attempt.


  • When you retire while playing the game, the characters will automatically put into their initial HP and TP values. This means the values they had before the battle commence. This is applicable only t knocked characters while playing the game.


  • You will confront some random teams with different types of shadows in Dungeons. Arena Defense Teams will randomly select the teams. For sure, they have lower levels than your team.


To improve your characters to deal with dungeons, check our Upgraded equipment guide.


Princess Connect Ultimate Guide to Dungeons


Dungeon Difficulty


In Dungeons also there are some Difficult Dungeons. To unlock that higher difficult Dungeon, you have to finish all the Difficult Dungeons which appear before the higher difficult Dungeon. You have to finish the Main quest stage at least one time. Here is the list of stages of Main Quests and the difficulties that you have to complete to unlock each difficulty. At the same time, there will be different amounts of rewards for each difficulty level and floor with a different Dungeon Boss.


  • Normal - Clear the Main Quest World from level 2 to 12.
  • Hard - Clear the Main Quest World from level 5 to 13.
  • Very Hard – Clear the Main Quest World level from 7 to 14.
  • Extreme – Clear the Main Quest World level from 11 to 17.
  • Extreme II – Clear the Main Quest World level from 14.



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Princess Connect is an adventurous and creative anime game. This summer, they are going to update the game with the newest event of Dungeons. All the needed details you have to know before playing the game are included and discussed here. You can follow the guidelines and obtain the rewards also. So, follow the details and obtain the rewards while completing your levels!

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