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Last Updated: 2021-06-03 Current Version: 2.0.0
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If you need one game, this is it. Nice graphics, story, team combination. Artwork reminds me Jojo's Bizarre Adventures fabulous style. Faster loading time between menus and combat could be better. Too many quests, missions and events are hard to finish, requires too much time and dedication. Paralyzed by choice and feels like falling behind. Music is good but kinda repetitive.


Just for starting out the game gives you a lot of free things. The gameplay is like final fantasy, Wild Arms, or any games like those. There isn't a chat within the game I've noticed yet but maybe a Discord would be better. The story is also very engaging as of now and you get many characters throughout other Romancing SaGa series. I don't know if it's been implemented yet but it would be cool if using certain characters from the same series in a party, would get you some type of team boost.


Very fun gameplay, but could be a bit confusing for new players to get into due to the stats and leveling mechanic. Gacha-wise, can be both f2p friendly and unfriendly depends on how and when you spend your in-game currency (still, the most important factor is still luck). Overall, a great game but with some hiccups here and there, might not be your traditional rpg experience but it's still recommended to try.

[Brought to you by SQUARE ENIX and Akatsuki with over 25 million downloads worldwide!]
Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe (now known as SaGaRS) celebrated its 2nd anniversary! SaGaRS is a mobile title for the beloved SaGa series, a classic Japanese RPG series that shines alongside FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST! It is also one of the friendliest and most captivating free-to-play mobile titles currently available!
One of the friendliest and most captivating free-to-play mobile titles currently available, it has won Google’s Best of Play 2019 and is an Editor’s Choice game in Japan!

◆ A looming apocalypse ◆
The world is trapped in a cycle of destruction – the Rise of Morastrum every 300 years brings ruin and extinguishes life. The Sinistrals and their legions gather – will you stand against them? Experience an epic story with a cast of colorful and extraordinary characters as you assemble a party of heroes!

◆ Free-to-play, NOT pay-to-win!
You’ll need to use strategy, wits, and planning to win – but, thanks to a deep character growth system and many ways to earn loot, you won’t be forced to pay to progress!

◆ Amazing illustrations and pixel art
See story and combat come to life in stunning, meticulously crafted pixel art! Lay your eyes on lavish character art from series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi and a bevy of guest artists!

◆ Strategic gameplay and casual fun
Invest as much time and strategy as you want! The game’s combat system allows for auto-play when you want to casually play, and manual play when you want to go all in. The more you put in the game, the greater the rewards!

◆ Character customization and growth
Obtain multiple roles for your characters, customize their skills, and assemble your own unique team of heroes!

◆ An epic soundtrack
World-renowned composer Kenji Ito brings you a moving soundtrack filled with epic melodies and driving rhythms straight out of the golden age of classic RPGs!

■ Android
OS:Android 4.4~
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