Princess Connect Re: Dive Clan Battle Guide


Princess Connect Re Dive is a mobile game developed by Japanese Cygames. The game commences your adventurous journey in a village named Landsol in the continent of Astraea. Princess Connect is an amazing game with pleasant anime characters. This summer will bring you an interesting event in the game!


Princess Connect Clan Battle Guide


In the clan battles in the game, your team has to take the issue with the boss monsters! As the boss monsters have a good health condition. The group has to challenge the monster boss! During the event, the total damage that you created on monsters will be correspondence for each Clan. Your clan ranking will be displayed in-game. You will get in-game rewards like Clan Coins, Jewels and Memory Pieces according to your clan rank.


So step in to download Princess Connect Re Dive on PC and let’s start our dungeon guide. 


Basics of the Game


When you start to play the game, you have to know few guidelines and important tips!


  • You can enter the Clan Battle by tapping the left long button at the bottom of the Clan page. You can also get access by tapping on the shield button and sword on the Quest menu.


  • Players are going to find different bosses in here. The damage you create by all the Clan members will collect together.


  • The Clan will be able to go to the next upcoming level once a player has finished with his current level.


  • You can log in to the Tutorial Mode for your ongoing boss and previous bosses that you have already defeated in the ongoing tier. 


  • This Tutorial Mode will not take Clan point, and it can defeat forever.


  • Apart from that, you can take any previously used characters on that day.


  • Per run, Clan Battles will use 300 Clan points. When you consume one stamina, it will give you 1 Clan point. 


  • 900 Clan points are the maximum amount of Clans you can obtain daily.


  • Except for the Tutorial Mode, you cannot use the same characters in different Clan Battles on the same day.


Clan Points


Clan points are the reward that you can obtain by participating in the game. There are some salient tips that you have to know about the Clan points. They are,


  • If you want to challenge a monster, you have to collect Clan points. 
  • Every battle will cost 300 Clan points.
  • You can earn Clan points by clearing the main quests. 
  • One used stamina will equal one Clan point.
  • Suppose your time expired on a quest; you will not get Clan points.
  • 900 points are the highest clan points that a player can obtain. You would not get Clan points to any stamina used after that.
  • Clan points will auto-reset daily at 5 am JST


Basic Rules


There are few peculiar rules when you are playing the game. They are,


  • You will battle the bosses with your Clan members. You can use one support for one run.


  • Once you have finished the fifth level and the final boss, you have to commence the game from the first battle again.


  • The boss will become more strong and powerful after completing few rounds. There will be three difficult rounds for bosses.


  • In the third tier, the final boss will obtain the new skill and attack strategies. This will make the fight more adventurous and challenging.


    1. From round 1 to 3 is the first tier 
    2. From round 4 to 10 is the second tier 
    3. From round 11 to 34 is the third tier 
    4. After round 35 is the fourth tier 


  • Every boss will have different Score multipliers. When you get more scores corresponding to that, the damage you create will also increase. 


  • If you can defeat the boss before the given time, you can use the same team to defeat the boss in the next level with the remaining time with extra 20 seconds. 


  • The HP and TP of your team will have default values as 100% HP and 0% TP.


  • If you wish, you can change the team members while playing the game. 


  • But, the new member will also be taken as a used member, and you will not be able to use it in another team until the next day.


Formation of Teams


As you have to play the game in groups, you have to consider the following facts when are forming the teams.


  • The unit should be at least on level 10 to take part in the game.


  • The maximum contribution that you can do for your team will determine by your player level like the Dungeon support.


  • On the same day, you cannot use the same characters used in the successive battles.


  • As there is only a boss monster without other supportive monsters, the single target UB characters will be the best in most situations.


  • Following the 2019 Clan Battle introduced the Multi-Target Boss Mechanisms; sometimes, you have to use the AoE attackers.


  • Unless your team died before the given time, the healers would not be necessary to your game.


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There are multiple types of rewards that you can get when you play the game. You can obtain different in-game rewards by completing different tasks.


Rewards for the Boss monster subjugation


All the members in the clan team who supported to damage the boss monster will be entitled to get the subjugation rewards once the game ended. As the rewards, you can get silver shields, upgrade stones and gold.


Damage ranking rewards


The Clan members who help to threaten the boss monster will be ranked. They will get rewards according to the damage they created. You can check the rank by the boss detail screen on the right top.


Clan Ranking Rewards


The damages created by the Clans to the bosses will be counted and ranked. At the end of the period, all the Clan members who have taken part will receive present boxes and rewards according to their rank. Calculation happens at the event end. If you want to check your inter-clan rankings, you have to click the icon "i" next to the Clan rank on the main screen.


Clan Grade


The Clan grade will decide on your Clan rank, and it will be designated to you when the ongoing battle finishes. The newly created clans will begin as Grade D. The grades will appear as follows.


  • SSS will be the grade from 1 to 10
  • SS will be the grade from 11 to 30
  • S will be the grade from 31 to 100
  • AAA will be the grade from 101 to 500
  • AA will be the grade from 501 to 1000
  • A will be the grade from 1001 to 3000
  • BBB will be the grade from 3001 to 5000
  • BB will be the grade from 5001 to 7000
  • B will be the grade from 7001 to 10000
  • C will be the grade from 10001 and below
  • D will be the new Clan that is unranked. This is the only entry single-mode in the Clan Battle.


Missions to Complete


There are several new missions included in the game with the release of the Clan battle.


  • The normal mission – this will reward 30 jewels. You have to adjust the support characters on Clan battle.


  • The daily mission - this will reward 100 Rupees with 30 EXP. You have to dispute the Clan Battle. This will available only during the Clan battle.


  • The daily mission – this will reward 100 stamina. Players are required to log at 12.00 to 04.59 JST.


  • The daily mission – this will reward 100 stamina. Login has to be done from 18.00 to 04.59 JST.


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Princess Connect Clan Battle Guide




Princess Connect Re Dive has introduced a new event with clan battles and boss monsters. Now you have a clear idea about the basics of the game, how to create your team, game rules and the different types of rewards that you can obtain by playing the game. There are interesting anime characters that enhance your preference for playing the game. So, don't miss these guidelines while you are playing the game!

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