Princess Connect Re Dive | June Content, Dungeon Double Drops, and Grotto Double Drops


Are you ready for the summer? So as the Princess Connect Re Dive. It has come up with several updates and events for the new summer, and summer has hit our princesses. This RPG has maintained the revolutions with its time to time updates, and let's see what it brings up to the gaming world with summer.


Princess Connect Re Dive | June Content, Dungeon Double Drops, and Grotto Double Drops


Princess Connect Re Dive is updating the game with the newest content. The summer will bring up the latest contents of the main quest as Area 13, the main story as chapter 7, and episodes 1 to eight. There is a double from the Dungeon Mana and the Grotto Quest as well. You can now download Princess Connect Re Dive on PC, and let's check out all your updated content.


Game Updates – June Content


In June, the Princess Connect Re Dive is bringing up Area 13 by unlocking it. The new home to the monsters will be the marsh flats in the wetlands of Dorothea, and there will be new equipment as well. In addition, players will have the opportunity to unlock more from the main story as they are wading through the swamp.


The newest quest, Area 13, will bring up the new items to the players, and those will be helpful for them to rank up their characters. Ranking up can be done from 4 slots to rank ten, and you can gain the chance to start chapter 7 from the main story until it's up to the 8th episode.


Other than the new stages, the game will increase their level caps from 98 to 102. Your chance to start the stockpiling and taking experience on the potions and skills cannot be level up by themselves. You can enjoy this new area, the increased amount of the level, and the newest story after 13.00 UTC on the 12th of June.


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Dungeon Double Drops


Since the summer heat combinations are increasing with the level caps, you might need a troll on your mana reserves' new contents. So eventually, players are going to be asking for more mana. So the game will bring up a new Dungeon Double Drops for this new summer. All of the mana you earn through the dungeon runs will be double its quantity, and it will be a good help for our players to the new content.


The campaign for these new double drops dungeon will be available for 13 days, starting from the 31st of May until 13.00 UTC to the 12th of June at 12.59 UTC.


Grotto Double Drops


Mana will not make a new character. So what is the best way to complete the mana rather than using these experience potions? So Double Drops are now making their way to the Grotto Quests as well. All the drops of quantity a player gain by EXP and Manaquests will going to be doubled the Grotto Quests.


Use this Grotto Double Drops as the best method to gather in mana and for the EXP potions. EXP potions you gathered from here will strengthen the characters. The double Drops for the Grotto Quests will last for twelve days, starting from the 12th of June 13.00 to the 23rd of June 12.59 UTC.


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Princess Connect Re Dive is coming to the summer with new updates and bonuses to the players. So if you want to take new gaming with Princess Connect, enjoy the party before it ends the time.

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