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Tips for using LDPlayer

Last Updated:  2019-05-21

This tutorial will introduce some tips on how to use LDPlayer.


1. All versions of LDPlayer can be replaced through overlay installation, and all data can be completely kept. For example, if you have installed a LDPlayer whose version is 3.20 but now want to update it to the latest version, you can directly open the installation package of the latest version and then click Install overlying, and vice versa. Do not change the installation path, or your data will not be saved. Besides, even if you install the same version in this way, all your data won't be lost, either. Please note that you don't have to uninstall your previous LDPlayer.

Tips for using LDPlayer


2. The following question is frequently asked: Where is my screenshot saved? After you capture a screenshot through the function Screenshot of LDPlayer, there will be a small window in the bottom right corner, as shown below. You will open the path of screenshot files after you click View.

Tips for using LDPlayer


3. LDPlayer has some default shortcuts. When you set keyboard mappings for games, the keys that you will set can't be the same as these default shortcuts, or LDPlayer will go wrong.

Tips for using LDPlayer


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