LDPlayer 4 is running Android 7.1.2, making it become the fastest Android Gaming platform for PC. Android Nougat provides the widest range of compatibility and better graphics for running all of your high-performance mobile games on PC. With new design and optimized features, LDPlayer 4 proves to be the best way to play your favorite mobile games on PC. It’s time to take your gameplay to the next level with LDPlayer 4.

Android 7 Nougat


What's the Differences Between LDPlayer 3 and 4?

LDPlayer 3 and LDPlayer 4 both are running Android 32-bit system but the versions of Android perating systemare are different. LDPlayer 3 is running Android 5.1, which could be more stable for some low-end computers. If the game you want to play on LDPlayer support Android 5.1, then it's recommended to use LDPlayer 3. Besides that, LDPlayer 4 can provide faster gaming support. If you also want to check out our 64-bit version of LDPlayer 4, take a look here: https://www.ldplayer.net/blog/download-64-bit-android-emulator-for-64bit-required-games.html


July 2022 Updated: LDPlayer 9 is released now! Adopted by the Android Pie OS, LDPlayer 9 supports Android 9 games with better performance. You can play 64b-it games and 32-bit games in this version. Download here.


How to Download LDPlayer 4

Step 1: Download LDPlayer 4 installer from the home page

Download LDPlayer 4


Step 2: Run the installer and check the setup path

Run LDPlayer Installer


Step 3: Make sure you install LDPlayer 4 in a different path from LDPlayer 3 (Do not cover your current version of LDPlayer 3)

Install LDPlayer 4


Step 4: Complete the setup and run LDPlayer 4 from your desktop

Download LDPlayer On PC


What’s New in LDPlayer 4?

Higher Performance with Android 7.1.2

Based on Android 7.1.2, LDPlayer 4 supports higher compatibility in running some mobile games that require Android 7 at least, such as Spiritwish. Also, the kernel version has been upgraded to improve the gaming performance for MMORPGs, such as Black Desert Mobile, King's Raid, Epic Seven, etc. With improved compatibility and performance, you can now play Android games on PC with LDPlayer 6X faster than ever before.

Higher Performance LDPlayer Android 7


New Wallpaper Feature

Already be sick of the default wallpaper? No worries, LDPlayer 4 comes with a new feature of wallpaper customization. You can now set your favorite local picture as your wallpaper. Head to the emulator Settings and find the Wallpaper tab. This is where you can adjust the wallpaper and make your emulator more customized. Do not hesitate to share the new look with your friends!

LDPlayer 4 Screenshot


Simpler User Interface

There are also some slight changes on the UI. LDPlayer 4 has a clearer setting panel, which can help you get started with LDPlayer easier. Also, the default shortcuts are customable. You can make you own shortcuts for different commands. Moreover, the emulator frame and tool icons are designed to be high-tech. You can own an emulator that has not only high performance but also a beautiful look.


Other Tips for Using LDPlayer

CPU and RAM Allocation

The performance of your emulator depends mostly on your PC specs and the resources you allocate to. For high-performance mobile games, it’s suggested that you assign more CPU and RAM to LDPlayer in order to power the highest FPS and the best graphics.

CPU and RAM Allocation


Virtual Phone Model

It’s not new that some phone models have an exclusive optimization for some specific games. For those who want to play Black Desert Mobile on PC, Pixel 2 is the best model to enable full HD gameplay. Making use of the model setting can also help you get unexpected improvement for your gameplay.

Virtual Phone Model


Other Settings

Here you can enable “Lock landscape” to play some portrait games by landscape, which will give you better graphics. If you want to fix the frame size of LDPlayer, just enable “Fixed window size” to keep the current size for restart or new open. More importantly, the setting of “Root permission” is available here if you want to make more customizations to your virtual machine.

Other Settings on LDPlayer


Gamepad Support

If you are the one who is better at playing games with controller, then LDPlayer can make use of your talent to control your gameplay with gamepad on PC. Firstly, you should connect the gamepad to your computer through USB or Bluetooth, and switch your gamepad to Android mode. Then, find the gamepad icon in the upper bar right next to the menu and check if the gamepad is connected.



LDPlayer 4 provides higher performance with new features and Android 7.1.2 kernel. It’s faster than any previous versions. Now, you can play multiple games like Clash of Clans, Free Fire, RAID: Shadow Legends, Arknights, etc., on your PC with FPS boost. Also, there is huge potential for gaining more rewards in RPGs with multi-instance feature. Don’t hesitate to download LDPlayer 4 to play your Android games with lower memory usage, lower CPU usage, and significantly improved gaming performance.