Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two Update – Complete Overview

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Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 2 titled 'Day of Reckoning' has just been released. Like any other seasonal update, there are tons of new additions to the game, including new weapons, game modes, bug fixes, and optimizations. The Garena version of the game will also be receiving the same updates. However, just like previous iterations, each specific event's timings will vary between the global and Garena versions. Here is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two (2021) Update. Click here to download Call of Duty Mobile on PC to enjoy real PC gaming!


Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two Update – Complete Overview


New Game Mode – Gunfight Sniper:


For all the Sniper fans out there, this game mode is an absolute treat. The entire game mode locks players on Snipers with choices varying between the new SKS, NA-45, and the Kilo Bolt Action. Your main goal is to either capture particular objectives or gain points by killing the enemy team. Currently, the game mode is only available on a few maps due to its close-quartered nature. Here are the maps you can currently play Gunfight Sniper on:


  • Modernized Shipment
  • Pine
  • King
  • Gulag
  • Cage
  • Reclaim


New Game Mode – Tank Battle:


Collect five components to assemble your tank. You can also start assembling tanks by blueprints in the airdrop. The more soldiers you have, the better opportunity to fight in your tanks:


  • Parts of the tank: A tank chassis, components for tank's engine, components for tank's armor, components for tank's primary weapon, components for tank's secondary weapon.
  • Anti-Tank weapon: Delay Bomb, Proximity Mine, Anti-Tank Sticky Grenade, Anti-Tank Sniper, Anti-Tank War Machine.
  • Tank repair tools: Welding Gun.
  • Tank blueprints: Three types.


New Maps – Modernized Shipment & Shoot House:


Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two Update – Complete Overview


Shoot House is the newest map available in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2. Currently, you can play the map in TDM, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, and Free For All. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is inspired by Call of Duty and is known for its 3 points small route design, which allows for extreme close combat.


While the map offers some sort of verticality, you can expect most of the action to be happening around in the alleyways surrounding the map's entirety. As such, most players will feel more comfortable playing the map with an SMG or a Shot Gun as most engagements will be close-ranged. However, sniping is still a possibility as there are plenty of rooftops that provide good vantage points. But many flanking routes exist within the map that is mainly meant to counteract snipers' power.


Modern Shipments:


Shipment is an iconic map based on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1. The map is extremely close-quartered and is renowned for its heavy close-quartered combat. With sprawling containers present everywhere, there are not a lot of places for you to hide. Generally, the map is played only with Shotguns with quicks scoping Snipers acting as a norm. Shipment is the smallest map in the game and can be played in TDM, Domination, Hard Point, and Kill Confirmed.


The map has been updated to its ‘modernized’ version in the recent update. It is merely a cosmetic change with a few bugs fixed within the map. The map now looks much better in terms of aesthetics and has better lighting around corners, making it easier for you to spot hidden enemies. With the new map's revamped, you can expect it to be added to the Ranked playlist very soon due to its unique nature.


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 – Useful LDPlayer Features:


Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two Update – Complete Overview


With the introduction of the new Ranked Season, Call of Duty: Mobile has seen a huge rise in players. As such, to rank up, you will need all the competitive edge you can get. Thankfully, by playing COD Mobile on an emulator like LDPlayer, there are a few inherent features you can take advantage of to take your gameplay to the next level.


For example, LDPlayer supports complete mouse and keyboard integration alongside the ability to completely remap your keys. This feature lets you play the game like you would play any other FPS title on your PC, letting you aim and move around with utmost precision.


New Guns – The AS VAL and the SP-R 208:


Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two Update – Complete Overview


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 will have two new guns for you to play around with. Both of these will be free and will be unlocked exclusively through this Season's Battle Pass. The AS VAL is a popular AR in FPS titles known for its extremely great damage and fire rate.


However, the gun's bullet speed is quite slow, with the recoil being quite high as well. Unlike other ARs, the penetration power of the gun is quite low. The gun does not fare well at longer ranges due to its aforementioned slow bullet speed, which indicates a worse trajectory. You should also take a look at some Call of Duty: Mobile Tips and Tricks to help cement your lead! LDPlayer has also supported the feature of walking slowly in Standoff 2, Call of Duty®: Mobile, PUBG MOBILE and other shooter games. Check the video below to get how it shows and helps your gameplay!


The SP-R 208:


The SPR-208 is another new weapon that will be added in the Call of Duty: Mobile. It is a sniper rifle that provides you with greater mobility than other Sniper Rifles like the Kilo Bolt. It deals a lower amount of damage compared to other Sniper Rifles currently being played in the meta.


With faster ADS speed and Gunsmith Loadouts, that can help take its mobility to the next level. The SPR-208 Sniper rifle is exceptional at quick scoping and for dealing with targets that the average Sniper rifle can’t take on due to their generally slow ADS speed.


However, most Sniper leg shots are not one-hit kills, which can be quite infuriating at longer ranges. Therefore, aiming at the head is your best bet when playing the SP-R 208.


Patch Fixes – Improvements & Optimizations:


  • Increased MSMC’s OWC Marksman barrel attachment vertical recoil control.
  • Increased S36, UL736, RPD and M4LMG’s YKM combat stock attachment ADS time reduction.
  • Decreased HBRA3’s OWC Marksman barrel attachment’s negative effects.
  • Increased DL Q33 damage to 90 and grants it higher wall-penetrating damage.
  • Increased DRH’s the No Stock attachment ADS time reduction to 12 percent.
  • Decreased DRH’s No Stock attachment hit flinch to 15 percent.
  • Slightly decreased ICR’s No Stock attachment and YKM Combat Stock attachment accuracy.
  • Slightly increased ASM10’s No Stock attachment hit flinch.
  • Decreased Arctic .50’s wall-penetrating damage and MIP Stopping Power Reload attachment’s damage ratio to legs. Now a wall-penetrating leg shot will not be lethal.
  • The capacity of blocking fire bullet for Arctic.50 is decreased from 20 to 15 and its maximum capacity is decreased from 40 to 30, ADS time increased from 12 percent to 30 percent, and shot interval from 40 percent to 50 percent.
  • Decreased the explosion range of War Machine.
  • Decreased the damage reduction of War Machine operator.
  • Decreased Gravity Spike damage range.
  • Slightly decreased the damage of Annihilator dealt to: Stealth Chopper, XS1 Goliath, VTOL, Shield Turret and Transform shield.
  • Soldiers equipped with Dead Silence Perk no longer hear the footstep of themselves, and the audible range of running has been decreased.
  • Players are now able to jump while moving alongside a wall.
  • Optimized the speed adjustment when moving alongside a wall/obstacle,
  • Optimized the server tick rate.
  • Optimized player’s hitbox when switching among standing, crouching and prostrating.
  • Increased characters’ FPS. Enemy’s movements and actions are more precise and smooth.
  • Optimized sound effects based on different scenes so that players can locate their enemies more accurately.
  • Fixed an issue that players might get stuck in window frames when climbing through.
  • Fixed an issue when Soldiers are stuck for a while after crossing the shortcut of LAUNDRY SIDEWALK in Raid.
  • Fixed an issue of wrong collisions in the Takeoff's scene.
  • Fixed an issue of wrong collisions in Tunisia's scene.


Battle Royale:


  • Increased ADS accuracy for all weapons.
  • Increased horizontal recoil control for all weapons.
  • Popular weapons such as AK47 and AK117 have much lower recoil control compared to other weapons.
  • The locking time for FHJ18 is changed to 1 second.
  • The launching speed of projectiles from FHJ18 is decreased to 110m/s and accelerates to its maximum speed.
  • Significantly increased SMG and SHOTGUN hip-fire accuracy.
  • Significantly increased SNIPER rifle recoil control.
  • Increased Tempest's damage and damaging radius.
  • Increased Annihilator range. It now can eliminate enemies in all ranges with 2 shots
  • An increased projectile distance of all lethal and tactical weapons.
  • Cluster Grenade now has an alarm when it sticks to an object, and directions of small grenades will be shown on the screen.
  • Discarded guns will no longer show the amount of remaining ammo.
  • Optimized wingsuit landing action.
  • Optimized the server tick rate.
  • Optimized player’s hitbox when switching among standing, crouching and prostrating.
  • Increased characters’ FPS. Enemy’s movements and actions are more precise and smooth.
  • Optimized sound effects based on different scenes so that players can locate their enemies more accurately.


Going Dark Game Mode Optimizations:


  • Battery limitation feature has been added to night vision devices, with an exception for the undead in Attack of the Night.
  • EMP can temporarily paralyze night vision devices.
  • Scorestreak items and trip mines show team color even when the night vision device is on.
  • Fixed the issue when visual effects of weapon blueprints and firing effects were overexposed when the night vision device is on.
  • Fixed the issue when the touch screen of controlling Scorestreaks is blurred when the night vision device is on.
  • Optimized the lighting of related maps.


The New Battle Pass:


Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two Update – Complete Overview


Just like any other update, Season 2's Battle Pass will have free and premium rewards. The introduction of the new Battle Pass also means that the game's new Ranked Season has started. Currently, you can find four new Soldiers and other various Calling Cards and Blueprints with the Premium Battles.


The free rewards include the AS Val rifle, while the SP-R 208 is rumored to be coming out at the end of March. Moreover, you can unlock the new Napalm Score Streak, which is AOE-based, scorching the entire battlefield in flames.




Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 2 update marks a new era for the game in terms of mechanics and features. Alongside these updates, a lot of guns have been buffed and nerfed, according to community feedback. So, you can expect a complete paradigm shift in the meta in the coming weeks.


Ensure that you keep a lookout for all the new events coming out to the game, as they'll grant you the ability to unlock new perks and weapons for a limited amount of time.

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