Call Of Duty Mobile – Is The new SKS Worth It?

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Call Of Duty: Mobile is the latest title of the iconic gaming series Call Of Duty. This title is the 41st and was one of the most anticipated titles of the whole series. COD: Mobile was released on both iOS & Android platforms and had more than 100 million downloads along with a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store alone. The game features the same popular maps that were released for the PC and Console versions.



Not only the maps but the majority of the guns are also similar. The game has different gaming modes similar to the older Call Of Duty titles, but the developers brought a Battle Royale mode that has been extremely popular for the first time. As the game has been on the shelves for around three years, it consistently receives updates that make the game even better and attractive.


This update often has new seasons, new guns, skins, and many other things to draw your attention to this game. Today we will be discussing the latest gun released by the developers of COD Mobile, and we will also talk about how the game performs along with other things that relate to this gun.

Call Of Duty Mobile – Is The new SKS Worth It?

SKS – The New Gun:


The latest update of COD mobile has arrived along with the new Season 1 of 2021. This new update did bring us the new season, but it also brought a lot of new stuff, including this iconic Marksman Rifle SKS. SKS is a semi-automatic Marksman Rifle with severe damage capable of finishing your opponent in just two taps if the upper body is targeted.


Call Of Duty Mobile – Is The new SKS Worth It?


SKS is an S-Tier rifle with a high volume of damage and has 20 bullet magazines allowing you to kill multiple enemies near you before you have to reload. It is one of the most accurate guns of the game, with a moderate range. Along with all of these features, you have to bear this gun's low firing rate as it is a rifle and somewhat justified to have a slow firing rate.


How To Unlock The New SKS?


There are two different ways in which you can get your hands onto the new SKS Rifle. The first one will cost you as you have to buy the coins to play a lucky draw in the Pestilence Draw.


There are 10 items in the Pestilence Draw, which include many things every time you draw, and there is a chance that you get the SKS. This is the fast and easy way of acquiring the rifle, especially for those who do not want to spend hours and hours unlocking this game.


Another way of unlocking this brilliant rifle for yourself is by completing the eight BR buff season challenges. This way, you will not only get your hands on the gun, but you will also get a lot of other stuff along with cash as you have to complete the challenges, and every challenge has some rewards assigned to it. All of these missions will not take you more than 4 hours to complete.


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These are the two ways of acquiring the gun for yourself. One way you have to spend a lot of money to get the gun, and the other way you have to play the game and work a bit hard. But the fact is that the second way also provides you with a lot of more rewards, which is why we recommend you to choose the second way of getting SKS.


Best Load-outs for SKS:


While we all know SKS is a Marksman Rifle allowing it to have a better firing rate than the other rifles available in the game. Having a higher firing rate automatically explains that your gun will be a bit unstable due to its recoil mechanism. These load-outs are used to make your gun more stable by reducing the recoil that is only possible by using attachments.


These load-out attachments reduce the recoil and improve other things such as the accuracy, damage of the gun, and increased firing rate. For instance, you can improve the gun's accuracy by attaching an OWC Laser-tactical to your rifle. Using a rear grip such as a Stippled Grip-Tape can increase your rife's ADS speed by 5%.


Call Of Duty Mobile – Is The new SKS Worth It?


Using an Under Barrel Strike Barrel can improve your gun's stability along with the increase in the damage it incurs on the enemy. Lastly, the MIP Extended Light Barrel also improves the damage rate of your rifle. Using all of these attachments makes your rifle vulnerable, and if you keep on upgrading your gun, it will ultimately become a one-tap rifle.


What Is The Best Perk For SKS?


By now, we all know how strong this Marksman Rifle is and what it is capable of. Once you upgrade it, use the load-out attachments. The perks this gun holds are also really awesome, allowing you to have even more benefits while using this gun in the game.


The best perk of SKS is known as the Vulture, which allows you to pick up ammo from the dead body of the player you have killed using this unbelievably strong rifle. This perk never lets you run out of ammo allowing you to play more confidently and killing more people in a match.




COD Mobile has never disappointed its players infect the game has consistently wowed everyone with the new and latest updates to the game. Talking about the new SKS, it is one of the most robust rifles of this game that has the ability to eradicate every single person coming in its way.


Also, by attaching new load-outs and upgrading this gun, you can convert this two-tap-to-kill gun into a one-tap gun. However, you have to unlock it by choosing from the two available options, whatever suits you the best, but we suggest you unlock the gun by completing the BR Buff season missions.

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