Get Your Weapon XP To the Next Level in COD: Mobile | Tips and Tricks

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Get Your Weapon XP To the Next Level in COD: Mobile | Tips and Tricks


With the introduction of Gunsmith updates, COD: Mobile has solidified itself in the gaming world by adding a lot of variety and depth to the game over the years. As it stands, you will need a lot of Weapon XP to get your guns to the next level. However, getting weapon XP can sometimes prove to be extremely difficult in certain situations.


There are, however, a lot of methods you can take advantage of that help boost your XP gain substantially.


Play On The Weekends:


The weekends are perhaps the best time for you to play COD: Mobile. This time is wonderful due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, you get to play with players who are less adept with the game since the weekends attract many newer players to the game. This opportunity provides you with a lot of time and free wins as you stomp newer players.


Moreover, Weekends generally provide you with more XP as there always one event or the other going on. In most cases, you can expect there to be a perk event or a double XP weekend that provides you with both levels and weapon XP simultaneously, which is quite useful.


Indulge Yourself in Arcade Game Modes:


Get Your Weapon XP To the Next Level in COD: Mobile | Tips and Tricks


Arcade Game modes are short and simple. Since they are quite easy to play and end quickly, you end up getting a lot of XP out of them since you can play a lot of them in quick succession. While this may not always be the case for some events, you can also complete your tasks and quests from arcade game modes. In turn, this lets you understand your weapon's particular mechanics much better.


Moreover, you can use Arcade game modes to take a look at viable Gunsmith loadout builds and get quite confusing and hectic. Due to the infinite amount of versatility present in the game, there’s a high chance that you might have to spend a lot of time figuring out the best loadout that suits you.


In any case, grinding weapon XP in ranked is perhaps the least boring way for you to progress with your weapon effectively. While playing Ranked might provide you with more points, you’ll end up spending a lot of time. Moreover, you get less Weapon XP if you lose a match.


So, the most consistent way for you to get weapon XP would be to go for arcade game modes.


Figure Out A Limit:


Gunsmith Loadouts are quite versatile. However, there are only a few attachments that you will need on your weapon at any particular point. If you have a particular loadout in mind, it makes sense for you to stop grinding after you have those attachments in the bag.


However, you do get access to many good skins and camos as you level your weapon up. But, since the XP required increases in a linear fashion, you will have a hard time getting to the top after a while since you will need to be playing a lot of games. Therefore, instead of spending all your time trying to get one particular weapon to an insane level, you should divide your time and have multiple loadouts, each with different high-level guns that you can take advantage of at any given point.


Generally saying, a weapon at level 50 should give you access to most of your attachments, such as the laser sight and all your extended magazines. Going any further renders little to no benefit.


Using Weapon XP Cards:


Get Your Weapon XP To the Next Level in COD: Mobile | Tips and Tricks


Weapon XP cards are divided into three tiers, each providing a different amount of XP. You can use them on any weapon, and they are mainly meant to take your weapon's level to the next threshold. You can get these packs by either purchasing them or just by grinding different quests and events.


In most cases, you should use these weapon XP packs in earlier levels on weapons that you occasionally choose to get to a point where you can put some attachments on them. Using these packs on guns that are already high level does not prove to be quite fruitful as they hardly make a dent in the total XP you require for the next time you upgrade.


Try to always have a few XP packs in your hand since they can get quite useful when new weapons are released, and you instantly want to get the upper hand on your opponents by starting at a higher level. The fact that you are able to have a high-level weapon grants you the ability to absolutely stomp matches especially if the newer gun is generally unbalanced in nature.


What Guns Should I Upgrade?


Get Your Weapon XP To the Next Level in COD: Mobile | Tips and Tricks


Usually, you might want to level up and upgrade guns that might not be very effective as the game progresses. Try always to keep a keen eye on the meta and look at guns effective in the current patch. However, there are still a few guns that you should always be leveling up no matter what the patch says.


For example, you should always have a decently leveled AR like the AK-47, a Sniper Rifle like the DMR, and a good SMG like the MP5. These guns are considered classics, and even though they get buffed and nerfed quite a lot, they can never truly lose their significance.




COD: Mobile has solidified itself rapidly as one of the best first-person shooter games of all while. With an intricate mix of gunplay and mechanics, the game has kept its charm over the years. The newest gunsmith loadout updates have certainly added a lot of depth and sophistication to the game.


However, acquiring all the accessories and attachments is not all that easy. However, by following these tips, you should get an idea of how you can take your weapon XP game to the next level. Generally, by playing Arcade game modes and knowing when you should stop leveling up a gun, you should be able to have a reasonable set of loadouts in no time.

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