Pro Tips for Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty (COD) Mobile is a worldwide first-person shooter that is free-to-play. The great mobile game was developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activation. The app store released the COD for Android and iOS, and within a week, the app had one million downloads. This shows that the game is suitable among most of the gamers. It is easy to download and install. COD is the favorite game among players worldwide.

The game was released in October 2018. For you to replicate the spirit of the COD, the console version's excellent maps are featured in the mobile version. This article is all about the Pro Tips for Call of Duty: Mobile. If you are also interested to use hacks to advance in the game, we recommend Battlelog's Warzone hacks & cheats for the most reliable and undetectable hacks!


The Futuristic Game Approach

This game gives the best futuristic approach, which is being used in the current world of weapons and vehicles. The player has multiple modes to choose from when he or she wants to play. Battle Royal Mode is another accessible game mode. It is made with the same elements as the other games. Many differences add up to the game feel, which is missing from the popular titles. These games are unlike mobile multiplayer shooter games, and the players can have more fun compared to most of the popular games available on the market.


You Need A better Understanding of the Game

The games come with features that are updated to current world technology. If you want to download Call of Duty Mobile into your phone and start playing the game, you have to understand more about the game than your friends and all the other players. In this article, we shall discuss the top 10 tips and tricks that you can use. These tips or tricks will help you win against your friends quickly when you start playing.

Pro Tips for Cod1


Top 10 Tips and Tricks for COD

The top 10 tips and tricks for COD are as follows:

       1. Keep Your Graphic Settings Optimum

If your phone has low FPS or does not support Ultra HD graphics, it is advisable to upgrade or change the graphics settings. Your phone will give you a smooth experience if you consider keeping the game's graphics in the middle or on the HD. When you have a higher FPS by a tap on the screen, you get registered into the game very fast and with ease. This will give you an extra advantage over the other players, and your chances of winning become high. So, the tip is always to maintain your FPS graphics over the other players.


       2. Choose Your Shooting Mode Right

Viz Simple and Advanced modes are the different shooting modes offered by the Call of Duty Mobile. When using these modes, you have to move the pointer to the enemy location where the weapon will fire automatically without any scope. The Advanced method is used with the shooting settings in the advanced modes. When using the simple approach while playing, you need to keep in mind that you have to use the advanced settings for you to win a game. The simple mode is not useful since you have to scope out what your enemy is doing, and your position may be taken. So, you have to use Advance mode so that the play may be automated for the whole match.

Pro Tips for Cod2


       3. Choose Your Character Class Right

Before getting into the Royal Battle match, you have to choose your character class. There are six classes offered in the game. These classes are as follows:

  • Medics

Two special boots are given in this class. A medical station is to be created to heal your teammates.

  • Scout

Two boots are also given here.

  • Clown

There is an offer that is given to the characters to be anti-zombies. A toy bomb is the first boost given at this level.

  • Ninja

Here you can grapple with the location, and the enemies cannot hear you coming from a distance.

  • Mechanics

You can launch a drone over your enemies.

  • Defender

You can incur 20% less damage by all means but not by bullets.


       4. Use of Drones Available In Multiplayer Mode

A drone and a missile are awarded if you have a continuous streak in killing your enemies. The rocket will kill all the enemies in the blast area. The drone gives you the position of your enemies in the RADAR.


       5. Upgrade Your Weapons Periodically

In the multiplayer mode, you have to use the weapon that you own. The upgrade gives you room to equip your gun with various devices suitable for war. This makes your gun better than others for your enemy.

Pro Tips for Cod3


       6. Use Boosts In Multiplayer Mode For Special Abilities

As your character advances, he or she is awarded boosts in the multiplayer mode. Here you have to get the increases so that you don't have to change your weapon throughout the match.


       7. Use the Helicopter Wisely

A helicopter is allowed to be used in this mode. Only fly the aircraft when playing solo but not in squads. Always make sure that the plane is not in use since it lowers the chances of you getting to the safe zone quickly.


       8. Learn The Use Of Various Throwables Available

Apart from the general smoke and the frag, the COD has a range of throwables that can be used. This mode only helps in times when you are stuck in one position, which is tricky. A twist in the game is offered by the grenades, which are not generic.


       9. Crouch and Slide To Your Advantage

Running your character will always slide the crouches if only you tap on the crouch. This gives you a chance to change your location if spotted by an enemy, and also you will be able to dodge bullets coming from the enemy.

Pro Tips for Cod4


       10. Glide When Falling From A Height To Avoid Damage

Your character can glide in the air and land safely without any harm. This also gives you the ability to get out of a tricky situation during gunfire. The glide ability will help you if you cannot get to the safe zone since the straight cliff is in front of you.


The Bottom Line

COD Mobile is a great shooter free to play  Millions of downloads after the release by the app store, and amazing maps in the console version are offered in the mobile version. The Pro Tips for Call of Duty: Mobile mentioned above will help you get to start the game with ease and increase your chances of winning. In most cases, make sure you understand all the tips so that you can stay ahead of your players and gamers to win and enjoy! Also, please check - How to Play COD Mobile on Windows - for more information. Stay with us for more exciting game updates.

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