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Last Updated: 2022-08-04 Current Version: 1.6.34
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The game is fun, fast-paced and competitive; it has great visuals, so much content, and many unlockable rewards for playing the game. It is very optimized with old phones keeping up with the game. UI is very customizable and yes, you can also customize your loadout. I just wished that instead of limiting the attachment to five, make it six and night maps with NVGs and tactical flashlights.


I really like the gameplay. There are many items to get and once you've got used to the game, you can play well. There are very little ads and the premium pass has a lot of collectibles and CP which otherwise you would have to buy every now and then. Edit: Now select a certain map will allow you to play that map only once before forcing you to play on random until you restart the game before it allows you to play on that specific map again, and will repeat this problem again.


The game became laggy lately, it's just fine back then, my phone was able to use very high graphics back then and had no problem with lag, but now I'm using low graphics with high frame rate and it's still somewhat laggy, and there are times the game woud freeze for few seconds and the next thing you'll see you're already dead. And also the blacksmith shop event, there are people saying that there's a bug with the legendary lk24, i hope they fix it if it's really a bug.

The Call of Duty Mobile - Garena is one game that just has to be on PC. Although it was designed for the Android user, PC gamers can enjoy the rush of adrenaline and intense battle scenes that are in the Call of Duty Mobile - Garena. The larger screen serves to amplify the excitement. The battle can be viewed with a larger and more accurate perspective, and characters can seem even more real than they are.

Playing Call of Duty Mobile - Garena means that you need not worry over unsatisfactory graphics quality. Take control of your gaming experience with access to CPU and GPU management. You also get to manage or alter the advanced texture, high frame rates, and resolution. On PC, you can change or customize a host of features and characters while enjoying the superior control of keyboard and mouse.


Best Android Emulator for Call of Duty Mobile - Garena

Call of Duty Mobile - Garena is best played on PC using the LDPlayer. The LDPlayer is known for its supreme adaptability to many Android games. It is crucial for the LDPlayer to perform well with a game such as the Call of Duty Mobile - Garena. LDPlayer provides custom macros features that control the pace of computer actions. With just one click, several steps can be taken at a go and the game is easily navigated. Keymapping is one of the most essential aspects of Android game emulation and LDPlayer is a clear leader in this aspect.

Depending on each player, the Call of Duty Mobile controls can be adapted for the keyboard depending on player preference. Assigning keyboard commands is completely under the control of the gamer, even though some controls have been pre-set. Call of Duty Mobile - Garena gamers can simply click on the keyboard mapping icon which is found on the sidebar to reveal the mapping settings in a new window.


Recommended PC Requirements for Call of Duty Mobile - Garena

Operating System: 64-Bit Processor And An Operating System Of Windows 7 Or Windows 8.1

Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8300 or higher

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: DX 11 compatible GeForce 760 or AMD HD 8800 or higher with 4 GB RAM

Direct X: version 11

Network: broadband internet connection

Storage: 25 GB available space

Sound Card: DX 11 compatible sound card


7 Benefits of Downloading Call of Duty Mobile - Garena on PC

Better performance that makes teaming up with other players more seamless

Improved graphics and animation in this first-person shooter game is all the reason you need to get LDPlayer

Bigger screen and increased game duration helps you better enjoy protecting your gold, stealing your opponents gold, and killing your enemies

Swifter progress in the game with provided features

Stable internet connection

Higher FPS when the LDPlayer is used enables you to gain power-ups quickly and easily

Faster skill release in battle


FAQ about Call of Duty Mobile - Garena for PC

Q: How do I play several Call of Duty Mobile - Garena accounts on PC with LDPlayer?
A: To play different ROM accounts for Call of Duty Mobile - Garena on PC, you must employ the LDMultiplayer which has been specifically designed for this purpose. It will enable you to play all your accounts at the same time.


Call of Duty Mobile - Garena Top Features

1. Unlimited Armoury: This game provides a wide array of weaponry; many types of guns, military gear, grenades, and lots more. All that a soldier can ask for. Weapon EXP cards allow for weapon upgrade and soldiers are given special privileges like air support with the use of streak points (obtained by defeating a number of enemies at a go)

2. Game Modes: The two game modes are the multiplayer mode which allows between 8-10 players and the Battle Royale mode that can accommodate as many as 100 players competing for supremacy on a large battlefield.

3. Characters: Players can choose to either operate alone, in pairs, or in a squad of 4 soldiers. Soldier characters are the red goggle-wearing Simon "ghost" Riley, Alex Mason, seal team 6 member David Mason who is the son of Alex, British special forces John Price, and Thomas Merrick.

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