How to Improve your Aim in COD: Mobile | Tips and Tricks you Must Follow


How to Improve your Aim in COD: Mobile | Tips, and Tricks you Must Follow


Tencent's COD: Mobile is a first-person-shooter that has taken the gaming world by storm. Perhaps the most popular game of the genre, with elements of actions baked in and Gunsmith loadouts being recently introduced to it, you can expect an absolute influx of players to be popping into the genre. Season 1: New Order has introduced new guns such as the FAMAS and SKS, with all of them having different mechanics and dynamics that provide them with their edge.


With Ranked Game Modes' introduction, anything less than stellar aim does not work in the game. Here is how you can decimate your enemies by improving your aim very fast in COD: Mobile.


Finding the Perfect Sensitivity:


Many make the mistake of just going with whatever aiming sensitivity they like. This practice is not recommended as there is always a particular sensitivity you will be the most comfortable at. Finding this sensitivity is of pivotal importance as it takes your game to the next level. To get better at the game, you will have to spend a lot of time at the practice range trying to find your perfect sensitivity.


Thankfully, there are a few methods you can employ to make this process a bit easier.


How to Improve your Aim in COD: Mobile | Tips, and Tricks you Must Follow


Firstly, enter the practice range and start from the 'Normal' sensitivity. Now, go towards the center of the screen and move your arm from the left to the absolute right. Doing this turn should do a complete 180 degree. If that does not happen, you have probably set up your sensitivity in the wrong way. If you are over-aiming (i.e., you are moving at an angle higher than 180), then decrease your sensitivity. If that is not the case, increasing your sensitivity is the way to go.


After this sensitivity, you might feel like your movements, and overall control have stiffened but have slowed down at the same time. If that is the case, start increasing your sensitivity until it feels natural. Make sure not to increase it to the extent that you reach your original sensitivity once again.


Advantages of Perfect Sensitivity:


After switching to a sensitivity that suits you, the change will not come instantly. You will need to do a lot of practice and require a lot of getting used to taking advantage of your superior aim. However, the benefits of having a perfect sensitivity are plentiful.


Firstly, you will be able to land more flicks. Since your aim will naturally be calibrated to your hand movement and speed, you will easily be able to land flick shots and will be able to move your crosshair more effortlessly. This, in turn, improves your overall accuracy by a ton.


Pre-Aiming For The Win:


How to Improve your Aim in COD: Mobile | Tips, and Tricks you Must Follow


While pre-aiming might not seem like an important factor for a game that involves running and gunning, knowing what is happening around the map can be quite advantageous in a lot of situations.  Pre-aiming is the act of setting your crosshair at the optimal position, trying to predict where your enemy will be as soon as they turn the corner.


There are two ways an enemy can jump on you. They can either slow peek or wide peak. Wide peaking is when an enemy sprint into the angle and does not let you react with pre-aiming. Slow peaking is when the enemy slowly leans in, trying to take you by surprise. Your pre-aim, in either case, should be ready for both under all circumstances.


The best way for you to get better at aiming is to learn when to -pre-aim and when not to. If you develop a keen sense of understanding corners, you will see a huge improvement in your K/D ratio.


Get that Crosshair Placement Better:


Your crosshair in the optimal position when they move around. Often, they will need to make a lot of manual adjustments before they can crosshairs placement is half your aiming mechanics. Many players do not put their crosshairs in the right spot when they move around the map. You should spend some trying to make sure your crosshair is always in the center of your screen so that you can quickly move it around and get a quick flick or headshot.


How to Improve your Aim in COD: Mobile | Tips, and Tricks you Must Follow


If your crosshair is misaligned, especially if it sways towards one direction or the other, you will have to spend a few seconds every time trying to re-adjust your crosshair. However, if it is in the center, you will have no trouble and will get a realistic idea of changing your aim every time.


Make sure your crosshair is in a color that you like. Generally, you should have a Cyan colored crosshair as it is the most vibrant and thus stands out, which helps you aim.


Reduce your Fidgeting:


You might develop the habit of instantly over adjusting your aim. This adjustment is known as a fidget. You tend to fidget when you have not practiced a lot with the situation. If you feel like you keep missing your aim due to being jittery, try to go to the practice range and start practicing your flick shots. Practicing your shots in this manner should reduce your jitter and ensure that you stop over-compensating your aim.




COD: Mobile has solidified itself into a gaming legend with its introduction of frequent content and seasonal updates. However, while you might be thinking of the game as just a simple run-and-gun, as you can see from the tips mentioned above, there is a lot of technique involved in improving your game.


As the game has a booming E-Sports scene, you can expect the developers to implement many changes to the aiming mechanic, making it much more challenging as the game gets more competitive and complex. So, improving your aim makes the most sense if you want to rank up quickly, as COD is all about those crisp headshots.

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