How To Play The New COD: Mobile Map Reclaim – Tips, Tricks and Tactics

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How To Play The New COD: Mobile Map Reclaim – Tips, Tricks and Tactics


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 'New Order' has just been released. A lot of new changes have been made to the game to celebrate the map. Perhaps the most critical and pivotal change in the meta is the addition of new maps and guns like the SKS that will add a lot of variety to the game.


Reclaim is the newest map added to the game based on the PC version of Call of Duty. Here's everything you need to know about the new Reclaim Map and how you can frag out quickly on the map.


Map Summary:


How To Play The New COD: Mobile Map Reclaim – Tips, Tricks and Tactics


Reclaim is considered as a small map. It features a lot of walkways that can be used for flanking. There are several access points between each floor, which means there is a lot of vertical movement on the map. The vertical positions, however, are always covered by too narrow doorways that have constant activity. Plus, you can be ambushed at any point due to the number of vantage points and flankways available.


There are large pieces of cover that you can use to obstruct your view from these ambush points if you are on the lower flowers. You can use the ground floor boutiques as places of cover to take enemies by surprise. Two kiosks are running through the ground floor, which provides a slither of body. However, they are mainly used to take control of the center if need be.


The map itself ensures that there will be a lot of fast-paced action in the center and edges, especially with the introduction of verticality. At the same time, most players might not be able to.


What Playstyle Should I Go For?


How To Play The New COD: Mobile Map Reclaim – Tips, Tricks and Tactics


In Reclaim, being aggressive is the best thing you can do for yourself. There are no large open areas on the map. So, you probably will not be sticking to one angle for a very long time. Most spots can be accessed from different vantage points. So, if you have shot and killed someone, you probably should start thinking about where you want to go next as enemies will be closing in on your location.


You should not spend a lot of time on the ground floors or the center of the map as those places leave you extremely vulnerable. If you want to get an excellent K/D ratio, we recommend going to the boutique floors or the upper floors.


If you are sure of where the enemy is, the center can be immensely valuable as it lets you decide where you want to go next with the lowest displacements to most places. If you feel like many people are packing you, then retreating to the barricades might just be the smartest option in most cases.


Gunsmith Loadouts:


We will be talking about some Gunsmith Loadouts that we feel will be extremely lethal on this map. Do note that all these loadouts require a specific playstyle and demand a certain amount of skill. So, if you are not comfortable with the guns mentioned in any of these loadouts, you can always swap them to ones you like.


The Shotgun Maniac:


Reclaim has a lot of small walkways. Naturally, shotguns are a perfect choice, considering the tight corners. For this map, the Striker is perhaps the best Shotgun due to its low accuracy but high damage. Since you will be aiming at really short angles, you will not need to worry about being accurate, which is quite helpful.


Next, we recommend that you go for a Choke and Light Barrel attachment to extend the Shotgun's range while also reducing bullet spread. Go for a laser sight if you feel like you are inaccurate with your hip fires or skip it otherwise. Do get the Vertical Foregrip to reduce recoil. Get the 18-Extended Reload Case for the Striker in this particular Gunsmith loadout.


For perks, the Skulker is fantastic for any build that relies on speed and aggression. However, do note that you will be extremely vulnerable if you decide to pick this perk up. So, a natural addition would be to use the Quick Fix so you can patch wounds up much faster and take out enemies quicker. Dead Silence should help you remain very silent as you close in on unsuspecting enemies. AS your secondary weapon will be a Knife, it only makes sense for you to be quiet, or else you will not be able to get any sneaky kills.


How To Play The New COD: Mobile Map Reclaim – Tips, Tricks and Tactics


Having the right grenades in Reclaim is extremely important. Firstly, the Smoke Grenades are of pivotal need as you will need to traverse many areas in the open. Therefore, having the ability to disengage from a fight quickly or produce a cover for yourself can mean the difference between life and death. Since there will be many flank routes, tossing a Molotov Cocktail now and then can help you close the kill on an enemy.


For Scorestreaks, know that intelligence is the most asset you can get on a map like Reclaim. Knowing when the enemy might peak the corner can help you pre-aim and be a great aid. If you want to hold a flank, get the SAM Turret, they are excellent at keeping flanks, ensuring that you do not get hit from behind while you look at some other corner.




Maps like Reclaim have ushered in a new era for Call of Duty: Mobile. With the introduction of fast-paced, aggressive maps with many tight corridors, you cannot go wrong with picking up weapons like the Shotgun. However, SMGs might also turn out to be a viable alternative, especially if you like running and gunning more than camping walkways, as Shotguns are not feasible at longer ranges.


In any case, Reclaim is a welcome addition to the Playlist of maps in Call of Duty: Mobile. The map is easy to play in a Squad setting wherein multiple people can cover each other.

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