Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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1 Star for the nostalgia and well implemented visuals from former studio Ghibli. But that's pretty much where it stops. The voice acting is rather mediocre. Next up, genderlock. Sorry but that is just a big No-Go for me in today's time and age, clearly just a means to save money on development, screams cheap to me. Last but not least. If the game had any sense of adventure to offer, the auto mode killed that entirely. If I wanna watch a movie, I look elsewhere, not into games. Have a nice day


Ok. Time to update my review after many months. It's a good game, they updated lots of thing when I got back but that's not necessarily a good thing. Older players who come back may be confused, maybe more tips or something would be nice. And once you reach level 40, the game because much more of a chore to level up and it takes too long. However the game does look gorgeous and the Ghibli style really suits it. Overall good game. And P.S Netmarble, Territe Sucks,


I played since launch. My first opinion was that the game felt nice, almost a mobile version of ff14 mmorpg mecanics. However with time I started to get bored. I felt like there was too much random item to collect, too much random stuff to upgrade with different random people... It felt like all those various ingame component were there to hide the fact that there is actually not a lot to do. Also the rate to get special items in the summoning feature is criminal!:(

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Try out the free-to-play MMORPG Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds if you enjoy action-packed games. This massive open-world game's most attractive feature would be it lets players make money as they play the game.

A Narrative That Bridges Two Worlds

The novel's protagonist takes part in a beta test for the video game Soul Diverse, which transports them to the world of Ni No Kuni. The game breaks after the character enters it, prompting him to wake up in a kingdom under assault and locate the girl he met at the crash scene. 

Characters must then flee the castle with the assistance of the royal defender. During their flight, they unintentionally enter a new realm home to the Kingdom of Evermore, and they decide to ask this kingdom for assistance. The player's journey begins here as they make new friends, engage in combat with adversaries, and attempt to understand how they ended themselves in this world.

A Gorgeously Designed Graphical Universe in the Anime Style

Discover each expertly designed gesture and expression in this fascinating universe. For those looking for a more laid-back RPG where they can hang out with their pals, the Unreal 4 Engine's beautiful visuals provide a warm, serene ambience. You can fully appreciate them with the aid of  LDPlayer.

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