Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide to Take Your Adventure


Let's broaden our travel with Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds and make it more enjoyable with a lot of exploration. Since Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds came as an RPG game, it has everything we expect to include in such a game, and the downloads it has marked prove how well the players have captured it. So give us a chance to make it widen for your adventure, and today it is about Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide. 



For our dearest players, we know that Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is a well-known game in the gaming industry, but some of us would find it a bit challenging to play. That is where we come in with our Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds kingdom guide to assist you from scratch. Without any more delay, let us plunge into our guide.


Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide: Create a Kingdom or Join a Kingdom

The first and foremost Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds kingdom guide would be on creating and joining the Kingdoms in the game. This is the most crucial part of the game, as it will be the initial step for you to venture into the game. A Ni No Kuni Cross World player is allowed to either create a kingdom or join a kingdom. 


If a player has an urge for creating a kingdom, then go for it. But before selecting this option, you need to know that to create your Kingdom for you and your comrades; you must be halfway into the game.


You must complete all the main quests successfully until you are about halfway to Evermore Green 3 reputation. After this, you will be able to converse with Christine; she will be the one to grant you the Kingdom Quest. Complete this task, and the Kingdom system will be unlocked for you.



The steps are not over yet. After you have access to the Kingdom system, you are to click on the main menu and, in the main menu, select the Community option. After this, click on Kingdom, right-click precisely, then you will be transported to a screen with two options: Create Kingdom and Join Kingdom. 


Joining a Kingdom does not mainly require any of these actions. But you might want to have a brief idea about the Kingdoms in stock for you. You will know about these kingdoms further into the article.


We invite you to check our beginner guide for more information on how you should do things in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds. 

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide: Kingdom Shops

The moment you create a Kingdom or join a Kingdom, you will be allowed access to the Kingdom Shops and other Kingdom-related things. After completing many other activities like Relic Wars, Kingdom Defenses, and Kingdom Invasion, you will be rewarded with special Kingdom Coins. 


You can use these Coins to buy anything necessary for the Kingdom. Our Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds kingdom guide will be to you to buy stat-buffs as they are vital in the entire game. You can use these stat-buffs to power up yourself and your allies, which will aid you in your future Kingdom activities. 


Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide: The Capitol

We bet that this will be one of the best Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds kingdom guides. You can make your Kingdom have the Capitol in the game, and all you have to do is gain as many victories as you can. With increasing victories, there will be increasing ranks, eventually leading to an increase in power. 



When a kingdom reaches rank one, the Kingdom will have the power to be the Capitol of the entire server. This new power will allow the leading Kingdom to introduce and invent brand new policies that apply to all the other players in the game. If another kingdom overthrows the leading Kingdom, they have to level up in the games and reach the first position.


Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide: The Kingdom Defense in the Cross Worlds

As a player, you are allowed to begin an invasion of your Kingdom, and you would be required to protect your Kingdom's heart at any cost. In return for your dedication to your Kingdom, you will be rewarded with many outstanding awards. These rewards apply to both your Kingdom and individual players. 


There will be five stages in this tier, and each tier will be more challenging than the previous tier. You would be expected to overcome all these hurdles and protect your Kingdom. Before you start the invasion, we recommend you check on the Element Info, as this will help you plan out the required defenses by recommending the element of the week.



You can begin this invasion by clicking on the 'start' option at the bottom of the screen. The moment you click the start option, the invasion will begin. You will have many enemies invading your Kingdom, and you will be able to check the number of monsters alive on the left side of your screen. The main goal in the game must be to kill all the monsters and protect the heart of your Kingdom. 


The real deal is at the end of the game, where the Leader of the Kingdom Defense will emerge. Please do not underestimate the Leader, as they are compelling and terrifying, so make sure you have the best quality weapons and exceptional players to take the boss down. 


On a side note, make sure you finish the Kingdom Defense before the 'Rage' ends. The moment the 'Rage' ends, your opponents will get much more substantial, and it will be quite hard for you to take them down. You can see the 'Rage' warning on the information tab to your left. So make sure you take down all your enemies and win all the rewards. 

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Kingdom Guide: The Kingdom Game Modes

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the player could gain Kingdom Coins through different game modes? Well, we will know about these game modes briefly here. Ni No Kuni has three game modes, and the player is allowed to choose any game mode as they wish. The three-game modes are as follows:



Relic Wars

Two individual kingdoms combat to gain power over the map's strategic points in this PVP game mode. This game mode will be ideal for players who want to show their combat skills as this is more like a vast-scale battle.


Kingdom Invasion

This is also a PVP game mode where you will find different kingdoms at war with each other, much like Relic Wars. But this battle will be taking place on the same server. The players are expected to use their wits and win the game. Additionally, they are also expected to set up attack and defense formations on one rule: a single kingdom player is not allowed to assist both formations.


Kingdom Defense

Unlike the previous two game modes, Kingdom Defense, all the players are fighting together to save the Kingdom's heart. An in-depth description of this game mode is mentioned above.


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How to Leave Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

We did assist you in creating and joining Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, and we shall also assist you in leaving this fantasy world. The player will be able to create or join a Kingdom immediately after your departure, but remember, you will not temporarily be allowed access to certain Kingdom content after leaving the game.


The steps to leave the game are as follows:

  • Click on the 'Community' option in the menu. 


  • Then tap on the 'Kingdom' option, opening the Kingdom menu. 


  • Tap on the gear icon as it can open up a new tab called the 'Leave' tab.


  • Type 'Leave Kingdom' ( minus the quotation) and tap the Leave button.



We hope our Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds kingdom guide helped all the players out there, new and old, to get clear about the game and gameplay. Practice more to master the game, and do come back to our guide if you require any guides.

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