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Last Updated: 2022-01-05 Current Version: 1.1.262
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Awesome! Does not get old. Always something new around the corner. I love it! You honestly don't really have to swipe that credit card to become strong or get rare characters either. I mean if you want to speed things up then yeah spend away. Lol. The graphics are good, story Arc is interesting, leveling and gameplay is easy at first but becomes more of a challenge as the game progresses. All & all it really is a great game!


Everything takes too long. I've spent a while, a good while, playing this and I haven't unlocked everything. Progress comes to a abrupt stop if I haven't been lucky with the pulls and it takes so long to level up higher level characters that I've spent the last few days going in, doing dailies, hoping for enough xp to level up a character so I can beat the next level with luck.


This is game is awesome so far! The characters are breathtaking and the visuals are top notch. The voice acting is very good as well. Story is intriguing with fun characters to be with. Enjoying my time with that mode. Gameplay is more of a show but what a show it puts on for you. One of my favorite things on this is the animations. Their Character art animation, idle, and their supers is insane. My only real down side is the missing sound effects from lots of moves. Would Recommend.

Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA) is a relaxing idle RPG that can be fit perfectly into a busy daily schedule. Embark on the adventure with 100+ unique heroes, to reveal the truth behind a horrifying prophecy and save the Land of Dawn from destruction!

Heroes battle automatically to gather resources while you idle! Evolve heroes, upgrade gear, and deploy your squad to fight the evil clones with just a few taps. Say no to grinding—enjoy a casual RPG that you can play anytime, anywhere for just 10 minutes a day to gradually strengthen your team!

Trying to build multiple lineups but running short of resources? Save time and effort with level transfer and level sharing features to instantly level up your new heroes!

For 100+ heroes of 7 types, team compositions and strategy are key to dealing with difficult bosses and other players in MLA. Use strategy to maximize bonus effects for your lineup and solve fun puzzles and mazes!

Explore the main storyline, apply strategies on your dungeon runs, go on bounty quests, battle your way to the top of the Tower of Babel... Unlock even more exciting free features as you progress. Constantly updated events and new heroes will keep you hyped!

Compete with Adventurers from around the world with your strongest hero lineup. Form a Guild with your friends, upgrade facilities, and fight for your Guild's glory!

MLA is a role-playing game based off the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) universe, so you will see familiar faces from MLBB redesigned with a 2D anime art style. Pull gachas to collect all of your favorite MLBB heroes, and unlock their exclusive stories in this new adventure!

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