Mobile Legends: Adventure Guide to choosing the best heroes for better gameplay experience


Moonton, the creators, are not new to the genre as they have some games under their roof, such as Watcher of the Realms, which is an excellent fantasy RPG. Among the ocean of games in the store, there are very few creators who can catch the eye of players with very well-built games. Mobile Legends: Adventure is from a new sub-genre of role-playing games known as Idle RPG. 




Games from this sub-genre are action-packed mixed with a relaxing environment. There are no stressed situations where you need immediate resources or items without which winning or progression will be halted. The game has a major Fantasy element to it as you will get to battle monsters in 5 member squads, with strategy making necessary before battles. Also, there are many characters and heroes to choose from, and the player might get overwhelmed.


This article will talk about which hero is the best by analyzing their power, abilities, skills, etc. This will help players choose the best character among the bunch and increase gameplay efficiency. So make sure to go through the entire article to avoid missing anything important that might affect your gameplay greatly.


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Basic understanding about character's guide

As seen in every other role-playing game, there are specific characters with specific abilities, which becomes very difficult to choose from. Every game has characters distinguished based on elements, stats, category, etc. But at the end of the day, the main thing to be kept in mind is each character's attack, defense, and HP.


So in a 'best character guide,' all the stats of every character is kept in mind, and on an overall basis, the best hero is selected who is optimum for every task with great abilities and skills. In Mobile legends: Adventure, every character is differentiated by:

  1. Tier - SS, S, A, B, C, and D - S being the best and D being the worst
  2. Class - Heavy, Medium and Light - Tank, Fighter, Mage, Support, and Marksman
  3. Element type - Chaos, Dark, Elemental, Light, Martial, Order, and Tech


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Choosing the best character among bunch 

Like other role-playing games, tier SS has the best characters, and tier D has the worst. If we want to choose based on tier, then SS is the best, and all the characters in this tier are the most powerful with extraordinary abilities. So let us talk about characters available in each tier and which one is best overall.


SS Tier


This is the tier with the best and most powerful character in them. The name and details of the best three heroes are as follows along with their details:




If you need the most optimum results in battles and whatever you do in the game, there is no other character better than Valir. He is the best character you can choose from the SS tier with supreme abilities in the game. He is a human with special damage abilities, and his hero type is elemental with the class as Mage.




On the second, we have Angela, the best healer in the game. She will heal your characters and provide them with an additional stat boost by attaching a special item called a love doll. Not only that, if the opponent attacks your character by having a love doll, then his/her stats drop. She is an Android with hero type as Tech and class as Support.




She is the best AoE damage dealer in the game. She can also heal herself parallelly with excellent attack power, which is a bonus. She has another special ability to shadow mark her enemies and lower their defense by 30%. Her hero type is Dark, and her class is Mage.


S Tier


This has powerful characters but a bit less when compared to the SS tiers.




She is the best damage dealer in the S tier and has a special ability known as Iceborn Cutter, which will attack an opponent with the maximum HP and reduce their defense by 25% for 4 seconds. Almost all of her attacks deal huge damage and lower the opponent's stats in the process as an added advantage. She is from the Yasson species with a hero type of Tech and class as Marksman.




If shielding is your priority, it is the best character in the S-tier in terms of defense. Akai has an ability known as Taiji that will provide it and the teammate with a shield that will significantly increase the team's defense. The hero type is Martial, and the class is Tank.


Shah Torre


She is known for flipping the fight situation by adding unexpected buffs and dropping the enemies' stats to gain an extra advantage. A special ability lets her unleash snakes on the enemy and deal 250% damage, equal to her attack power.


A Tier


This tier has above-average characters better than B, C, and D tiers but less powerful than SS and S tier characters.




This character is the best among the A tier characters, and he is from the Mage class. His ultimate attack allows him to distribute his rune energy and damage all opponents at once. The damage caused is 40% equal to that of his attack power.




If you are looking for an excellent AoE damage-causing character in the A tier, no one can beat Chang'e. If your team has more light-type heroes, her special ability enables her to cause more damage with her Moonlight missiles, dealing a lot of damage to the opponents. Also, her Meteor shower attacks cause a lot of AoE damage, ensuring your win in battles.




She is the master of buff among the characters in the A tier. Her' Final Verdict' will deal a huge amount of moonlight damage with 100% damage power making her the best direct damage dealer in this tier.


B Tier


This tier has some decent characters but not as much compared to the top 3 tiers. So here, we will mention only one of the best characters in the tier with the best abilities overall.




He is the best character you can find in this tier, with some excellent abilities. His ultimate move, Wild Charge, deals 500% damage when he rushes towards the enemy and slams into them. His AoE damage is also excellent, making him the best in the B tier and almost competing with the S tier characters. 


C Tier


Among this tier, there are very few characters with good abilities. However, one hero still surpasses the others in the tier.




He is a dark-type attacker with good AoE damage skills and can apply various buffs in battles. Spear of Destruction, his ultimate attack, deals 88% damage in AoE to all the opponents. His spear also causes a curse to the opponents, reducing their stats.


D Tier


There are hardly any useful characters in this tier; hence selecting one is very difficult. But still, one support character can help in terms of healing.




Her ultimate skill enables her to heal an ally by 640% of uber attack power. This can prove helpful in critical situations and as a support for your other better characters of higher tiers.


Mobile Legends: Adventure Heroes



Hope players now know which characters to choose and which not to. Characters from the SS tier are the best, followed by S and A. There are hardly any good characters from the other ties. Players should avoid characters from the D tier as their abilities are below average. From the three characters mentioned in the SS, S, and A tiers, you can choose according to your strategy preference.

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