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Last Updated: 2022-09-28
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The game does well to incorporate all of the characters from the show. It's difficult to level up above lvl 60. It's impossible to choose a character for your team. I currently don't have an ESP hero at lvl 70. There are far too many different aspects to each character(GEAR, Exclusive item, keepsake, exp, character talent, limit break, character skill.....) There just isn't enough materials to progress through the game.


It's a fun game, but after level 70, gaining enough experience drinks becomes impossible to keep up and drastically slows progress. It's almost impossible to find character shards to increase the limit break of some heroes, and spending money seems to only offer very limited solutions to these problems, unless you spend hundreds of dollars. I miss the days when 50 bucks gave you access to 100% of a game's content.


It is fun, just confusing and hard to use sometimes. Cause when I level up my characters even for strength, they still seem weaker than the story characters I go against. Plus I have been trying to get a specific character but it's basically a 1 in 100 type thing. Making it impossible. Most of the time it's someone I have, and the sometimes it's someone I don't, but it's not a yellow it's more of the purple ones. And when it is yellow, it's someone I'm not expecting.

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The most famous One Punch Man series has now been recreated as an action as well as a turn-based RPG game by FIngerFun Limited, and it is about seeking justice. There is a guy called Saitama here, and he once made a choice to become a hero without thinking too much. At first, it was just fun, but a year and years of training have made him reach the strength he was seeking, and this is the chance for players to carry a fight with Saitama. And every heroic battle has to be dominated by the choice you made to be a hero just for fun.

More Heroes, More Intro, and More strategies
One Punch Man: The Strongest game is outing players to deal with so many battles, and there will be many strategies and combinations to utilize here. There are villains and disasters featured here in the original art world. To face all these hardships, you will have to think strategically and with the best combination because every hero in this game is unique to another.

There is a huge roster of characters available in this game, and every one of them has its own skills and unique details. The heroes will fight against the enemies, and they will also do it along with Saitama. There will be several villains and disasters to be faced here, and the game also allows you to recruit both villains and heroes for a perfect lineup. The players who are looking for the best optimizations in the game can turn their heads to the LDPlayer 9.

A Range of Game Modes
So many game modes are featured in One Punch Man: The Strongest, and there will be an Arena, Extreme Training, Unnatural Disaster, PVE, Awakening Trail, as well as the multiplayer team play features in this game. And more than that, there will also be a combat mode where we have to engage in a thrilling gaming experience. So One Punch Man: The Strongest is all about clearing the challenges by killing each other.

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