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Last Updated: 2022-12-31 Current Version: 1.4.5
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This is a fantastic game but i have some issues that needed to be solved. First issue is that when we are talking to someone after first dialogue of an character the sound doesn't come. Second is that character's faces are different from real character's the can be improved. Third is that one time when I was playing my game crashed because of heating. But the game is fantastic and i recommend it to all.


Best Marvel game I've ever played!!! The graphics, the movements, the voices, effects, maps, absolutely everything is stunning!! It's a 5 star game overall!! Just wanted to give a few suggestions: 1. Spiderman doesn't have the no way home suit and homecoming suit, so if you can add it, it'll be great!! 2. You can bring Black Panther as a playable hero in the game, with all his suits of course!! Thanks for such a wonderful experience!!


Very repetitive, you have to do the exact same thing to level up each character. If you don't pay up you have no chance in PVP modes. You die faster than you can attack once, makes you want to throw your phone. The graphics are wonderful and th3re is a lot of stuff to do but you have to do it all again and again and again...

Marvel Future Revolution from the Netmarble comes as an action game. The game gives a glimpse of the marvel fantasy for the diehard fans of the marvel world. This is the first ever open-world RPG action game of marvel released to the mobiles, and it is an open world where it has the original stories taken from the Marvel universe.

Real Marvel Super Heroes with Marvel Original Stories
Marvel Future Revolution is giving players a role of a marvel superhero and carrying out an epic campaign with its gameplay. The gameplay is very engaging, and every aspect of the gameplay comes with so many missions and storylines taken from the real universe. It is making players save the primary earth by joining Omega Flight's mission.

Marvel Future Revolution gives the entire freedom to play as a unique hero as it is full of customization options. There are so many quality costumes to choose as a player, and those will be unique that are never featured on any marvel game. As players, we can match as well as mix these costume parts inspired by original themes. LDPlayer 9 will offer the best features to enhance the marvel universe battling from a new turning point.

Cinematic Combats
Every combat in Marvel Future Revolution is filled with cinematic actions, and these are all real-time combats. They will make players feel like a real superhero, and the stories where we have to face super villains, as well as legendary heroes of Marvel, will be put you into with an amazing real-time cinematic aspect.


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