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Last Updated: 2023-01-29

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- Three Kingdoms theme mobile game with new tactical gameplay
- Three Kingdoms world with heroic general cards
- Resources, FREE gifts filled with freedom to fight
- Diverse tactical cards, requiring the Master's ingenuity
- Download the game and fight Garena The World War Heroes completely FREE

Download now and immerse yourself in the Three Kingdoms world of the new Tactical Card game completely FREE!

Garena Cai The Tranh Hung is a FREE mobile game with tactical card gameplay set in the Three Kingdoms with top-notch graphics. Start Cai The Tranh Hung by recruiting famous generals in the Three Kingdoms, building a squad with 5 main generals with powerful Bow, Cavalry, and Ministry armies as well as taking advantage of in-game tactics to assert themselves. scheming.
With a lot of FREE equipment and items, and rich power-up content, you can completely plow your own hoe and shape your own strategy. In addition, with a variety of different combinations, the Master can freely experiment and choose a unique strategy to win and unify the country in Garena Cai The Tranh Hung.

1. Diversity of Tactics, Strategy full of depth
In Garena Cai The Tranh Hùng, the army and generals are separated and arranged comfortably. With 16 army cells combining 8 generals to calculate, with more than 60 famous generals of Tam Quoc Chi and 3 types of troops of the Bow, Cavalry, and Ministry, you can create millions of different maps, creating a variety and depth of strategy that no other mobile game has.

2. Collect Famous Generals, role-playing in the Three Kingdoms
Owning more than 60 famous generals in Tam Quoc Dien Nghia, your collecting journey in this FREE mobile game will be extremely interesting, never boring. Role-playing as the talented and intelligent Three Kingdoms Commanders, full of strategies and tactics in hand, leading the famous Generals and his Army to unify the world.

3. Top notch graphics, Story close to the Three Kingdoms
The graphics of Garena Cai The Tranh Hung in a realistic style, the cards of the famous general Tam Quoc Chi are meticulously designed, vivid and very close to the original. The plot is built seamlessly and written by a famous writer, helping Chu Cong experience the classics in the mobile game like watching the movie Tam Quoc Dien Nghia.

4. Abundant FREE resources, Challenges from the Three Kingdoms
The FREE items and gifts in Garena Cai The Tranh Hung are extremely many, you can receive them to develop your famous generals without constantly plowing. The Challenges in the mobile game are very good, and at the same time, inspired by the Three Kingdoms, the Master only needs a little strategy when using the general card to be able to overcome.

5. Alliance Alliance, Unify the Three Kingdoms
In addition to giving you FREE gifts, there will also be many attractive exclusive activities in the Guilds, requiring the tactics and ingenuity of the Master. Let's dominate the Three Kingdoms with other Masters, conquer all challenges and mark your name in the ranking of the mobile game Garena Cai The Tranh Hung.

6. Fierce competition, challenge the Hero of the Three Kingdoms
Besides the gates and challenges that Garena Cai The Tranh Hung brings, Chu Cong can also compete directly with other heroes of the Three Kingdoms. The rankings are always there, and the way to the top will be indispensable for the strategic thinking of Master Garena Cai The Tranh Hung.

Garena Cai The Tranh Hung is a FREE mobile game of the genre of tactical generals with the theme of the Three Kingdoms of Garena. This is a Tam Quoc general card game with attractive new gameplay, diverse game modes and abundant FREE gifts, top-notch graphics, a plot close to the original.
Garena Cai The Tranh Hung owns a very detailed new player guide system, so even though there are many battlefields and fierce challenges, the owners will not worry that they may get lost in the true Three Kingdoms world and lively.

Garena The Great War - Top Strategy, Three Kingdoms Unification!
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